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Via: Mark Rober
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There's more than one way to skin a watermelon.

And YouTuber Mark Rober certainly understands this. After all, he did teach the Internet last year how to make a watermelon smoothie with a coat hanger and a drill.

He's back now with a new watermelon trick. While this one may not be as useful as the smoothie, it can still make you the coolest person at that final summer BBQ.

It's pretty simple, too.

1. Just skin a watermelon.

2. Rub it down with a (new) scrubby sponge.

3. Hollow out ANOTHER watermelon.

4. And slide that first watermelon into the skin of the second.

There you go! You are the proud owner of a very strange looking watermelon creation.

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Numbers nerd Dylan Grosz over at Apartment List did a series of rigorous tests (aka ate a lot of Chipotle) in order to determine the best way to get more burrito for no more money. Combine any or all of these tricks to get a burrito that is up to 86% larger without being charged extra. Results may vary based on how annoyed your local Chipotle employees are that you're trying to get away with this.

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