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The Good, the Bad, and the Plain Old Ugly Moments of Pokémon GO Since the Game Came Out

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    Guy Playing Pokémon GO Visits His Little Brother's Grave, and Finds His Brother's Favorite Pokémon Beside His Headstone

    Amidst all the Pokémon GO madness, it's heartwarming, bittersweet moments like this that can really strike a chord of positivity in an otherwise mad and wild circus.

    So, when a Japanese Pokémon GO player tweeted that he found his deceased younger brother's favorite pokémon beside his headstone, it's a nice bit of serendipity.

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    Pokémon GO Credited for Reviving a Once-Struggling Ice Cream Shop

    Gary Dear, owner of Mad Hatter's Ice Cream in Anacortes found himself situated in the middle of a maddening Pokémon GO mecca. Eager players have flocked from miles and miles away to his shop, where there are three Poké Stops located nearby---many end up getting ice cream after their journeying around.

    "Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expected it to end up like this," said Dear. "I've never seen anything take off like this."

    Dear even estimates that his store's sales have doubled, if not tripled, on certain nights when the Poké Madness runs wild.
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    Watch This Veteran Go Completely Psycho on Pokémon GO Players at Memorial Park

    “These are like fucking gravestones right there,” the vet screams as he points to a memorial. The cameraman responds to the vet by saying, “No it’s not.”

    BAD MOVE, bro.
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    Guy Playing Pokémon GO with a Warrant out for His Arrest Ends up Walking Himself Right into Police Custody

    Sometimes we lose ourselves amidst the pursuit to catch 'em all...Let's just hope that this fool over in Milford, Michigan wasn't actually trying to catch a Parasect before he was apprehended by police authorities. 

    Chief Thomas Lindberg said the man (William Wilcox) just made it easy, by showing up. Wilcox, a repeat offender with a warrant out for his arrest, ended up right in front of the men that'd go on to take him into custody.

    "It was a misdemeanor warrant for a failure to appear on a breaking and entering charge," Lindberg said. "They approached him. Took him in custody without incident and he admitted he was trying to catch the character at the flagpole."

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    Pokémon GO Players Discover Another Dead Body

    Such simpler times were had by all when we just stayed inside in our caves, minding our own business, unaware of the devastating madness just outside our doors.

    Yep, it looks like 7 News in Boston reports the body was discovered floating in a brook at Rotary Park in Nashua earlier today. 

    A Pokémon Go player had made the discovery while exploring the area, on the hunt to catch 'em all. 

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    Was Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Just Revealed in Pokémon GO?


    Just a heads up, but this Dwayne 'The Rock' inspired Pokémon comes out swinging in a blaze of NSFW-ish banter. Gotta love when The Rock himself comes on at the end of the video as well, to describe his love for YouTube.

    And why the heck shouldn't the man, with this kind of parody gold? But all in all, Machop --> Machoke --> Machamp --> PokeRock.
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    Guy's House Gets Turned into a Pokémon GO Gym and His Live Tweet Coverage of the 24/7 Creepiness He Puts up with Will Make Your Day

    Poor 'ol Boone Sheridan who lives in Massachusetts, downloaded Pokémon GO last Friday, only to end up realizing that his house was marked as one of his area's gyms. Thing is, it makes sense because Sheridan said his place used to be a church in the 1800's (thus explaining why it'd be marked as a gym).

    Churches are f**king hotbeds in Pokémon GO right now. Sheridan's coverage via Twitter, of his place being frequented by Pokémon trainers who were just trying to train 'n catch 'em all, is pretty damn hilarious. 

    I mean hey, at least Sheridan got to meet the current Gym leader right? 


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