Australia's Rising Waters Is Now A Playground For Alligators (Video)

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Much needed heavy rains have finally come to put out the horrific Australia bushfires. However, as anyone who lives in an area that's often dealing with intense fires, once the rain comes -- it comes hard. Due to the fires burning away so much, there is nothing in the rains path to help block it from forming mudslides and flooding like no other. 

As a result, this rainfall has created flooding so bad, the Australian Reptile Park claims they haven't seen such a thing in over 15 years. And due to the waters reaching high level, Australia has essentially become a Disneyland playground for alligators. Australian Reptile Park have stationed keepers at their Alligator Lagoon to monitor the water levels, which were rising beyond the fence line. 

Here is some footage they captured out around the park. 

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