I Can Has Cheezburger?

Burrito Restaurant Near The University Creates a Tiny Version Of Their Place For The Campus's Squirrels

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    When GirlsGirlsGirls Burritos turns into SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels Burritos

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    Looking for a fresh way to market its business, Kentucky-based Tex-Mex joint GirlsGirlsGirls Burritos—which opened in 2016 near the University of Kentucky—teamed up with the local advertising agency Cornett on an unusual stunt: It "opened" a "spinoff" on campus offering burritos for squirrels called, of course, SquirrelsSquirrelsSquirrels Burritos.

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    Customized Menu

    The menu consisted of fully vegan offerings appropriate to their digestive system – peanut puree, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, acorns, and a variety of different nut butters. Specifically, the squirrels can choose from several vegan options, including the 'Trashsquirrel Burrito," (organic peanut puree with sunflower and pumpkin seed granola,) the "Vegan Tacos Bellota," (toasted acorn and almond butter,) and the "CBD Bandito Quesadilla," (cashew butter and dates.)

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    The world's only restaurant designed exclusively for THE underserved squirrel population


    This rodent-centric "second location" (that even has its own logo) is described as "a stunning scale replica of the GirlsGirlsGirls storefront" that "boasts a luxurious patio space with miniature picnic tables for al fresco dining and a vegan-friendly menu with something for every squirrel." 

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    Why Squirrels

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    When asked why squirrels and not...pigeons, for example, Sara Woo, the co-owner of the place, told Food & Wine: "Our squirrely friends love our compost as much as we do, they keep us company on our patio all season, and they make up a big portion of the campus population, so we simply cannot ignore! And turns out, squirrels also love to eat and drink local, so Girls is a great fit. We are all about local, and we're happy to accommodate today's squirrel dietary concerns. Vegan, veg, low-carb acorn only, gluten free ... You name it, we gotchu!"

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