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    At first glance, the movie "Adelaide" makes it very easy to forget that you are indeed watching an adult film. Feeling more like a Telenovela than the raunchy sex tale it actually is, the plot twists of "Adelaide" contain all the elements of deception, lust and psychological trauma that truly keeps its watchers on the edge of their seats

    This gripping piece of cinematography proves that writer and director Whitney Wright (also known for her own performances) isn't just a pretty face. Her compelling screenplay proves that she is also a capable director. 

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    The events of "Adelaide" revolve around three main characters, who show how manipulation can lure even the most loving of couples into a spiral of doubt, deceit, and despair. Personally, it reminded me of something straight from the movie "Obsessed", the 2009 movie featuring Beyoncé, but with sex.

    As the story unfolds, we are introduced to the main character Adelaide (Gianna Dior), who is determined to destroy any couple in her path. Playing a patient who seeks psychiatric help, she deliberately goes to great lengths to try and ruin her therapist's relationships. She sleeps with those closest to him, including his wife and a male patient until these relationships inevitably come crashing down around her. 

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    This truly gripping plot is made infinitely better by the dramatic soap-opera-like performances we see throughout the film. Whitney succeeds in showing the emotional contrast between the characters, each brought to life by Adelaide. Adelaide manipulates the emotions and weaknesses of each character, using them only for sex and reducing them to pathetic, emotional wrecks.

    You might be wondering what the secret is in her ability to turn her unwilling victims into mere sexual playthings for her own psychological fulfillment. Well, her methods differ depending on who her victim is; for her psychiatrist's patient, she used the old "the only way to get over someone is to get under someone new" approach. When it comes to her psychiatrist's wife, she plays on the art of affection and a "woman's touch", using them to her advantage. Lastly, she seduces her main victim — her psychiatrist — through rage. Wright's genius is evident in her ability to movingly portray each of these approaches through three very different but compelling sex scenes. 

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    The first resembles a love scene between a husband and wife who work together. Wright really brings forth the characters' personalities, starting with Khloe Kapri who plays the psychiatrist's wife. She shows a strong willingness to make her husband happy after he experiences a difficult patient. She sits him down in his office, ready to straddle him, to which he complies. He then proceeds to suck her nipples, eventually putting her aside and going down on her. Khloe then grabs his shaft and gives a very convincing blow job, mimicking the effects of "gagging". She rides him in cowgirl position before taking him in doggy, missionary, and finally a spoon position. Khloe does a very convincing job of showcasing her natural talent in giving blow jobs. She is also clearly blessed in her ability to look great from all angles and positioning herself for great camera shots. My biggest question? Why on EARTH didn't they lock the door? 

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    The second sex scene is where we meet Gianna Dior, aka Adelaide, and really see her character come to life. She meets her psychiatrist Codey and tells him her life story. She comes back for her next session and starts to snoop around, finding one of Codey's patients, Seth Gamble. Oblivious to the fact that she too is a patient, Seth pours his heart out to her about how his girlfriend cheated on her. Seeing his weakness, Adelaide convinces him to "get even" with her, by sleeping with someone else: herself. It is without a doubt the oldest tactic in the book, but she uses it to exploit his heartbreak and his desire to man up and take action. Through her ability to belittle him into sleeping with her, we start to see her cunning advances.

    Seth eventually breaks and grabs her by the neck. They start kissing and Seth suddenly finds himself sucking on her tits. He then displays signs of trying to assert control by eating her out and then forcing her head down onto his cock. She very convincingly deep throats him, after which Seth takes control again and positions Adelaide into cowgirl, missionary, spooning, and doggy. Gianna is outstanding in her ability to pinpoint and use a man's weakness to turn him from confused and scared, into someone who takes full control. 

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    The third scene is a lesbian scene, which sees Gianna coming over for her next appointment with Codey and running into Khloe, his wife. She is determined to shatter their marriage and decides to abuse Khloe's deep and evident insecurities and loneliness. Co-star Khloe Kapri gives a very convincing and exceptional performance as the confused and naive woman who just wants to be noticed. In fact, this might be Kapri's big break, thanks to her skillful positioning during sex and always looking great for the camera. This is clearly displayed in the sex scene between Khloe and Gianna on the couch in the living room. They feel up each other's bodies as they lock lips, and Gianna (the one in control) does most of the work, "servicing" Khloe.

    As the drama comes to a close, all the loose ends must be tied together and Wright ultimately uses the last scene to close the dramatic thriller. After moving from one victim to the next and creating this "awakening effect", it was only a matter of time before she manipulated her final and most important victim; Codey. After all, it was her desire for him that was the driving force behind this whole drama. 

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    Here is where we truly see the complex cinematography in this film; as the camera goes back-and-forth, Codey is determined to find answers as he searches for Adelaide (Gianna). Her final act of manipulation? The truth. By exploiting Codey's need for the truth, she gains his full trust by exposing herself to him. In his overwhelmed state, Codey does not and cannot resist her advances. Instead, he welcomes them, happy that someone has finally given him the "truth" and in return, he wants to please her too. He proceeds to go down on Adelaide, then takes her in cowgirl, missionary, and doggy, until he finally ejaculates. 

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    As Wright's story unfolds, the exploration and need for power is palpable. Gianna was convincing as a psychopath who easily manipulates her victims into bed, and showcased her array of sexual skills in her attempts to sleep with each victim. Her true determination to ruin others is driven by lust, the power of which is clearly greater than any marital relationship can withstand.

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    Doesn't understand and in fact hope to shine light on the adult film awards as they too have worked hard to gain recognition in their field. 


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