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Officer Rescues Kitten From The Highway

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    “When he spotted the cat, he worked with another officer to slow traffic down in order to not scare the cat into oncoming traffic,” Joshua Smith, Jason’s son, told LoveMeow.

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    Jason got out of his car and called the kitty the same way he does with his own cats.


    "Here kitty kitty kitty… hey kitty," he softly spoke as he crept slightly closer to her. The kittens tail shot straight up, which is a sign of fear but thankfully Officer Smith was only here to take her to safety.

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    "My dad slowly approached, and quickly picked up the cat, bringing her to his patrol car," Joshua continued. "Once in the car, she was instantly grateful, purring and hugging my dad's neck."

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    Once inside the vechile, the kitten instantly felt safe and turned into the ultimate cuddle bug. As if releasing she's been rescued, she wouldn't leave Officer Smith's lap. 

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    "My dad instantly felt a connection to this cat. He knew that we needed to bring her home to the family."


    After a visit at a local shelter to get the kitten spayed and vaccinated, they welcomed her home with open arms and named her Bella.

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    As for the mysterious glove, reports indicate that its been up on the median for months and it is assumed Bella had been using it for warmth. But thanks to that glove, Office Smith was able to spot Bella in the first place.


    "We are very lucky to have her in our homes. We are just as grateful for her as she was for my father rescuing her," Joshua added. Bella joins a big family with two rescue dogs and another rescue cat. 

    You can follow Bella on Instagram! 

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    "If this is where my tax dollars are going, I'll gladly pay 3x more" - Comment left by YouTuber Taylor Bloise. 

    We 1000% agree with this comment. 


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