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Rae, The Golden Retriever Unicorn, Has One Ear

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    "ou is pretty, you is special, you is sweet, you is smart, you is precious"

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    "Muddy adventures!"

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    "Trying to cuddle, but she wants to play"

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    "SEE GUYS, I can hear"

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    "Unicorn in full effect"

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    "Poofy ear"

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    "You’ll always catch her on the fireplace. Her favorite spot"

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    Owner of Rae and her Instagram account explains what happened to Rae as a young pup:

    "I've had a lot of people asking how/why her ear migrated to the middle of her head. A lot of people wonder if her story is real. She's 7 days old here, and my precious baby has her right ear on the right side and you can see the left side healing nicely.
    I made the video because I loved when her nose and sweet paw pads were turning black, that was my favorite when she was this little."


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