Girls Show How Their “No-Makeup” Makeup Changed Their Face

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    “I want to try to be naturally pretty instead of applying a lot of makeup to look pretty. I love red lips and dark liner, but I feel I need to start embracing how I look.”

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    “My everyday makeup: My brows are the most important part of my face since they change everything.”

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    “I used to have a severe case of perioral dermatitis that ruined my self-esteem for a long time. So it’s always so nice to hear pleasant things about my appearance.”

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    “I just can’t live without a highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes. I feel like it instantly distracts attention from my dark circles.”

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    "My everyday 'no makeup' makeup"

    Face - PIC COLLAGE
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    "My 10 minute no-makeup makeup look"

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    "No makeup makeup look!! I usually go very full-face so this is new grounds for me!"

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    “My ‘no makeup’ makeup goal is to walk out of the bathroom after an hour and leave everyone wondering what could’ve taken me so long in there.”

    Face - @workingwithmonolids
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    “When you wanted to find out the name of your blush and it turned out to be an eyeshadow. I thought that I was using a blush the whole time.”

    Face - 3CID
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    “My ‘no-makeup’ makeup:”

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    "I had an eye injury a month ago (hence the under eye darkness) but this is my updated everyday “no makeup” makeup look. Products listed in the comments below."

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    “My everyday ‘no-makeup’ makeup for hooded eyes. The most important thing is to make the shadow from the crease lighter, the crease itself smaller, and the eyelid bigger. And if you curl your eyelashes, it’ll change a lot!”



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