Nala, The Adventure Bike-Riding Cat, Gets A New Basket (Video)

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Meet adventure cat, Nala, and her loving human, Dean! Deanfirst came across Nala on the side of the road while biking his way through Bosnia. Nala began to chase after Dean, and Dean obviously wasn't going to bring her along -- he was biking across the world, for goodness sake! But Nala wouldn't take no for an answer. She won't stop following Dean, and Dean decided he had to take her along on his journey.

So, Dean cleared up some space on his bike and made a little area for her to sit comfortably, as he pedaled. When they rode off, Nala decided she wanted to be closer to her chosen human and climbed onto his shoulders. Soon enough, they became inseparable travel buddies.

And now, Dean has a new bike set-up for his little furbaby -- a new and improved basket! 

"Got the basket on the bike, put Nala in and went out to test it out! so far so good, just need to see what its like in the rain!!"

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