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Dog Owner Caught His Pup "Lying" To Another Dog At The Park

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    Text - [discussion] did my dog just lie to another dog? So we're at the dog park (pre-covid) and there's this pretty popular ball that a few dogs, including mine, seem to really like.
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    Text - So my guy has it for a little while, they're all running around, and he ends up losing it and it gets snagged by one of the dogs playing with them. We'll call this other dog Richard.
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    Text - My dog stops. I can see his ears perked forward, brow wrinkled; it's his thinking expression.
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    Text - He does a quick visual sweep and grabs the nearest stick. While keeping an eye on, and staying close to Richard, who now has the popular ball, my guy starts tossing the stick, bouncing, and and playing super dramatically with this stick; it's not how he plays with toys at all. He likes to chase and tug, and not much else.
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    Text - After 20 seconds of this act, Richard with the popular ball takes notice of this apparently fantastic new toy, drops the ball AND MY GUY BOLTS AND SNAGS THE POPULAR BALL with zero hesitation, leaving this formerly lucky dog with nothing but a lame stick that none of them actually wanted. Did my dog just [friggin] lie to Richard?
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    People had a lot to say about the deceptive trick of the smartass dog:

    Text - ThePiedPiperOfYou 2.7k points 10 days ago It isn't a lie. It is marketing.
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    Text - Kitsu-Udon 123 points 10 days ago This is hilarious. Thank you for sharing.Nah your dog didn't lie, he just uh... Schemed Negotiated a legitimate trade. ;)
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    Text - Pigtailsthegreat 1.1k points 10 days ago Cackling so hard. Your dog clearly needs a job in sales.
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    Text - mrspetie 647 points 10 days ago He absolutely did - smart little guy! Both of dogs have figured out the same trick: if the other my has a toy or stick they want, they'll look out the window and excitedly bark. When the other drops what they're doing to join the barking, then the big fat liar dog immediately goes in for the toy. It's so funny to watch those gears turning.
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    Text - AlenaBlair 97 points 10 days ago The name "Richard" even sounds like the stereo- typical dog-that-got-fooled dog name haha. Your dog is winning at life, when he writes his first book and it becomes a NY Times best-seller let me know
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    Text - Tyranid98 541 points 10 days ago One of my hounds does this all the time. He "trades" the balls he finds for the bones he wants with his sister using exactly this approach.
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    Text - knightinwhale 48 points 10 days ago I can't find the source buried in my browser histo- ry, but it has been proven that dogs can willingly withhold information, and straight up lie... The re- search was prompted when a researcher found than her dogs were competing for a spot in the sun. Then the one who lost the turf pretended to see something very interesting in the garden, which led to the other investigating and losing his spot.
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    Text - YourMom 19 points 10 days ago My dog does the same thing to her friend Leo all the time! He'll have the toy she wants, she'll grab another one and act like she's in heaven over it to make him jealous. He drops the toy she likes and goes for the other and she grabs the one she wanted. Leo is duped every time! Haha!
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    Text - yodellingposey 20 points 10 days ago I used to know a Labrador that would pretend someone was at the front door, barking and get- ting all excited. When the other dog got up to check it out she would steal his seat. She only did it when he was sitting in her spot!
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    Text - frank__thetank 306 points · 10 days ago Barketing Reply Share
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    Text - I-25cansuckit 14 points 10 days ago My friend had 3 dogs. There was a very coveted spot on the couch that two of them competed over. One dog learned that if the other dog was in the spot and she went to the window and barked the other dog would jump off and run over to see what she was barking at. Then the first dog would run over and steal the spot. The second dog fell for it every time. The third dog preferred the floor and didn't bat an eye when the barking started.


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