Thirty-Three Avatar Memes To Satisfy Your Comedy Appa-tite

  • 1
    Cartoon - Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture. They're the same picture.
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    Face - jaclcfrost: if i was in a fictional universe i wouldn't be the main character i'd probably be that friend of the main character who lacks supernatural powers or special abilities but makes up for it with sarcasm and really lame one-liners
  • 3
    Cartoon - Toph Fire Nation Soldiers Feeling Safe In Their Metal Ships/Tanks/ect.
  • 4
    Cartoon - When You Nutted & She Didnt
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  • 5
    Face - Me trying to explain to my Uncle that we have to capture the Avatar to regain my lost honor. My Uncle MB
  • 6
    Facial expression - I'm a wanted man. That's impossible You weren't even a wanted child.
  • 7
    Face - person: what do you want to be when you're older me: worshipped
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  • 8
    Cartoon - sharonosbourne: *wakes up from nap that I didn't know I was taking* amoying can't see the haters, can't see anything. i'm blind, where am i
  • 9
    Text - gayavatarstyle I get that being frozen for 100 years is a tough thing to go through but honestly Aang should have used it for comedy more gayavatarstyle Katara: wow so this is Omashu Aang: back in my day it was called weed city Sokka: I'm... pretty sure it wasn't Aang: that's what the fire nation wants you to think gayavatarstyle Bumi, the second they arrive: welcome to weed city Sokka: what the fuck
  • 10
    Photo caption - Iam once again asking for my honor This is, without a doubt, the worst thing I have ever created #atla #avatar the last airbender #zuko #prince zuko #shitpost
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  • 11
    Cartoon - official-sokka Do you ever just look at the moon and can't believe how pretty it is zuzuthejerkbender AVATAR SPIR T NET official-sokka Why do we always end up here
  • 12
    Cartoon - *My friends list: Fed up with my ME: Shit posting recklessly shit*
  • 13
    Cartoon - recordedmyth: Korra: “Avatar Kyoshi, I need advice to stop Amon and Tarrlok!" Kyoshi: “BEAT THAT MOTHERFUCKER WITH THAT OTHER MOTHERFUCKER!!!"
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  • 14
    Cartoon - Native Americans: Are you just gonna group us all together even though we're all separate tribes? USA: That is correct, Master Arrowhead
  • 15
  • 16
    Cartoon - uncle, where is my honor? s DREAMER what? WHERE IS MY HONOR? TIMRI
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  • 17
    Hair - Zuko:l'm sorry I sent combustion man to kill you Everyone:WHAT?! Zuko: Shouldn't have said that. I should NOT have said that.
  • 18
    theblueeyedfirebender Follow Aang: as an airbender i am committed to peace and preserving all life as precious and sacred Appa: DIE BITCH AVATAR AVATAR SPIRIT SPIRIT NET antivaxdemeter Follow Avatar the Last Airbender Avatar the Last Airbender if Appa started eating mfs Source: theblueeyedfirebender
  • 19
    Face - sokka: wHeRe ArE tHe MeN wHo CaPtUrEd Us??????? kyoshi warriors: um we were the ones who captured you sokka:
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  • 20
    Cartoon - oniune fun fact the only thing standing between you and success is a small, angry gnome which has dedicated its whole existence to ruining you. you must not let It win imanes who's super tired raise ur hand. i would raise mine but l'm too tired
  • 21
    Text - Aang @TheLastAirbender Do you realize that killing people is a crime 1 O 273 Kyoshi @Avatarkyoshi Please show me the law 1 Roku @TheAvatarRoku O 177 Kyoshi @Avatarkyoshi I'm not reading that 22 27 4 8
  • 22
    Cartoon - Everyone talks about baby Yoda but l've never heard anything about baby Appa
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  • 23
    Cartoon - thugmuffin mom dad why can't you just accept me for the bad bitch i am
  • 24
    Cartoon - What is a hero without a villain? Useless. What is a villain without a hero? Successful.
  • 25
    Cartoon - You Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail Drive Calendar More - Google i hate it when my girfriend i hate it when my girifriend talks about her ex i hate it when my girlfriend drinks i hate it when my girlfriend farts i hate it when my girfriend turns into the moon Press Enter to search hate it too.
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  • 26
    Text - Sokka: There's gotta be someone who can teach Aang firebending Zuko:
  • 27
    Text - Past Avatar Wisdom Actively execute your You must be decisive duties Do whatever you need to protect the world End that motherfucker's life
  • 28
    Cartoon - You amuse me. I will make you mine You mean, like a boyfriend? Or as a slave? Yes. Win me prizes.
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  • 29
    Face - Bold of you to How dare you Please hold back hurt my friends kill my mom/dad
  • 30
    Sky - Drake?....where's the Avatar?!
  • 31
    Text - Toph's parents: My precious angel is delicate and can get hurt easily Toph when they aren't around: CORNEC OCN ONN ENS TCHES IT SMELL LIKE BITCH IN HERE
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  • 32
    Cartoon - 20 year old Katara on Aang's 18th birthday 116 year old Aang on Katara's 18th birthday
  • 33
    Cartoon - friend: big spoon or a little spoon? are u a me: im a knife Source: cOpernicus


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