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21 Times Pokemon Games Were Oddly Sexual

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    We'll just go ahead and put this one from X & Y first.

    Cartoon - bu know what?! |love really big things! Now! Amazing! Onix is sooo big! kiding on Onix would be so much fun!

    Uhh, what?

    Honestly there is so much innuendo in these games it would be easier to make a list about times there wasn't. Alright, now back to the older games.

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    Green - Heheh! This GYM is great! It's full of women! WO

    The classic (and comparatively tame) old man

  • 3


    Green - 0000000000000000000000000000 I can take it. I'm a a big girl now.
  • 4
    Games - 000 C00000 Sure, I'11 play with you, sweetie.

    Seriously Fire Red and Leaf Green were full of these.

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  • 5

    This Couple's Pokemon...

    Cartoon - You are challenged by Young Couple Duff & Eda! ONIX Lu22 HP CLOYSTER HP Lu22 Young Couple Duff & Eda sent out ONIX and CLOYSTER!

    "Wow what a coincidence! They just happen to have these two Pokemon!"

  • 6
    Cartoon - Eeeek, it's 70.7 inches! I've never seen anything like this!"
  • 7
    Games - If I'm wearing a bikini... uhere do I put my Pokáballs? Teehee... Moman's secret!


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  • 8
    Green - Whew! I'm all sweaty now.
  • 9
    Fictional character - I wish my boyfriend was as good as you.
  • 10
    Cartoon - Gals of Kalos don't take it on the chin. Ooh, ooh, ooh, you'll regret this win.
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  • 11


    Text - Let's get started, shall we? It's bonding time! You received an O-Power from Mr. Bonding.

    Seriously, the setting and everything this takes place in makes this one totally 'wtf'.

  • 12

    Sure lady..


    And now the Sun and Moon ones begin...

  • 13


    Text - Would you like to put your hand deep in the hole?

    Uh. No?

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  • 14
    Animated cartoon - Argh! It's 'cause Pyukumuku gets stuck to my behind.
  • 15
    Text - ET Alt My favorite bikini makes Pokémon happy, too!
  • 16


    Cartoon - ww Lana The flavor from the Rare Bone seems to fill my whole mouth.
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  • 17

    Pokeball Chick Returns


    Seriously, there are so many bikini jokes in this game.

  • 18

    Uh, what?

    Cup - This milk is so mellow, yet rich, that it'll make you wish your mother were a Miltank.

    Yeah, we're not even going to go into this one.

  • 19

    My body is ready.

    House - Kukui Oh yeah, Rockruff! Let's go! Give it everything you've got! Kukui Give it everything you've got! My body is ready. Woo!

    When your memes go too far...

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    These upcoming ones take the cake.

    Games - Mallow Let me see what you've got for me.

    C'mon Nintendo.

  • 21
  • 22

    And Nintendo throws subtlety out the window.


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