After 328 Days In Space, Astronaut Meets With Her Dog In a Pure Reunion

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Huston, we have a problem. 

This dog missed her astronaut mommy too much and their reunion is pure joy.  

Christina Koch, the NASA astronaut, returned home this on February 6th after 328 days in space, breaking the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. When she landed safely, she posted on Twitter: "This journey has been everyone's journey. Thank you to all involved in the success of our mission, and for giving me the opportunity to carry everyone's dreams into space. I'm filled with gratitude to be back on the planet". 

While we are sure many missed her over the past few months, it seems no one missed her more than her adorable dog who welcomed her with so many tail waggings. 

Koch posted a video of the heartwarming reunion, saying she "wasn't sure who was more excited" about it: her or her dog.

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