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Spine Chilling: Black Bear Surprises Three Women On Hiking Trail

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    In the horrifying viral video, the bear is seen next to them, standing on its hind legs and starting to sniff and nudge one of them for a few long minutes.

    Then, he drops to the ground, not before trying to bite her leg and repeatedly paws at her. Only after a few minutes, which probably seemed like forever to these terrified women, he leaves the place.     

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    In another video, shot from a different angle, you can see that in spite of the spine-chilling incident, the women remain calm while on of them even manages to take a selfie with him.

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    Text - André Carrega @acarrega Replying to @paan_cacho and @RexChapman She did well by not running although walking away is probably not a bad idea. Nerves of steel but l'd say the bear was not aggressive. Always a great story when it ends well. 12:58 am · 20 Jul 2020 · Twitter for iPhone >


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