I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cat Medley: Cuteness, Appreciation, Mourning And Loss

  • 1

    "Look at me hooman, I'm fameows!"

    Cat - Junior Kitten Beef. Rind S Boouf. mer Rund con Manzo ned Oxe/Okse Harköa- Wolawina whiskas
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  • 2

    "No kitty, it's bedtime not pounce time."

  • 3

    "Mother and son"

  • 4

    "Just lost her yesterday and I wanted to share her with you!"


    She's beautiful, RIP sweet girl. 

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  • 5

    "My cat had to have IV treatments the past couple of days and it resulted in kitten mittens"

  • 6

    "My best friend of 5 years passed away a month ago. He brought so much joy & happiness into my life. I will love him forever. Please send him love and good vibes for his next journey."


    RIP, handsome. Sending you and your owner a lot of love. 

  • 7

    "My cat found the “nanny cam” I set up for when I miss him on vacation"

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  • 8

    "He’s checking on his wife"

  • 9

    "This is my Corona Cat, we adopted him in March. His name was originally Sam but unfortunately that’s my name so we renamed him to Spam, but he also goes by Spammy and Spamuel L. Catson. We put him on diet and he’s so much healthier now. His hobbies are -

    Cat - A8 7

    sleeping and chasing lizards."

  • 10

    "Little panther is growing up"

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  • 11

    "Beautiful black hole"

  • 12

    "After year of chemo, my baby Felix is healthy and doesn't need it anymore"


    Congrats Felix! 

  • 13

    "Cats will be cats, no matter how small the box is ..."

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  • 14

    "She found a way to get under the house and out for the first time."

  • 15

    "Found Nebula perched like this this morning. She’s frustratingly pretty!"

  • 16

    "Rescue kitten progress! It’s been one month now since we caught him"

    Cat - 000000 vIs Before After
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  • 17

    Our black foster, gorgeous silky and adventurous. Sadly because she’s black she doesn’t get as much interest as her “colorful” siblings. Superstition and how they are “less instagrammable” our black kittens always go last. --


    Send her good vibes +spread the word that black cats are beautiful." 

    Black cats are beautiful!

  • 18

    "My friend’s kitten in a pirate hat"

  • 19

    "By far one of my favorite pictures of my cat even if most of him isn't even in the picture."

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  • 20

    "The cute face she makes while destroying my window screens."

  • 21

    "Our final picture together, and one of the toughest days. Mitsy made her transition to the Rainbow Road after a short battle with cancer."

    Mammal - 12

    RIP, beautiful Mitsy.

  • 22

    "Russell is 12 years old and toothless, that’s why his tongue sticks out a lot. i see a lot of love here for kittens but i hope this senior citizen gets some affection too"

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  • 23

    "Found my cat chillin in the garbage can."

    Cat - Laminate flooring
  • 24

    "Heard a thump and looked up to this. Cats are fearless"

  • 25

    "I just can't handle this.. Cuteness overload."


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