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Curious User Finds Out The Pawdorable History Of Their Adopted Puppy

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    "Last year I adopted this soft little nugget from an event at a local pet store."

    Dog breed - ROUNDWORM HEARTWORM VEP PIVENT, TIAT AND CONTROL wth the 1Cewoble dog le in eery to gve Heartgardz O O
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    "The day I brought him home and named him Jupiter (big name for a tiny pup)."

    Dog breed
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    "Out of boredom, I decided to look up the rescue he came from... and stumbled upon these photos of his mama!!"

    Dog breed
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    "THAT FACE."

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    "The dark brown one all the way on the right is Jupiter!"

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    "One of Jupiter's siblings"

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    "Another sibling"

    Dog breed
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    Dog breed
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    "I wonder what these guys look like now."

    Dog breed
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    "This photo was taken 2 days before I met him."

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    "He grew up to be a weird looking leggy goober but man do I love this dog."

    Dog breed

    "FP Edit: mama got adopted too and her name is now Freckles :)"


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