I Can Has Cheezburger?

Meowmoirs: It's Christmas Time (December 22, 2020)

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    Blue - CHEEZ BIRGE Entry 12: It's Christmas Time December 22, 2020 There is a real tree in the house. And it's mine. The day the humans, brought in this tree, I got so excited, I had to take an extra-long nap to recover. Then, it was time for the inspection. Don't get me wrong I was suspicious at first. many this house, I thought this was going to be just another one of those. There are so fake plants in But then I got closer, and the smell hit me. This tree, upon first inspection as well since
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    Text - CAHHAS The smell had me almost flopping right over, I swear. It was just. beautifulEEZ IRGER and oh so climbable. It Large and looming took me no more than four and a half seconds to declare the tree mine. I did so by letting out the mightiest of all my Screams. The humans who, at the time, were busy playing with boxes and colorful which I declared mine earlier in the week by sitting on and acknowledged my ownership of the tree by yelling my name right back to me. Then they left, and I wa
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    Green - NHAS It was a matter of calculation - the leap to the chosen toy. So, I got offZ CRGER the heater and inspected. Right, left, under, and standing up on my legs to peek up, all the light strings seemed like they were leading me right to my destination of the big red toy. However, as my gaze moved the up sparkly strings, I noticed something magnificent. The True One at the very, very top of this tree. A star. Brightly lit and calling my name. I knew I had to get it. The pull was magnetic.
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    Text - The first few branches were edsyz CANHAS to reach. They were thicker, longer. My claws held onto them firmlv andURGER steadily. I peeked out from the tree, and just to check on my progress, realized I still had a long way to go. The nap that I had wanted to take was far, far away from my thoughts. Everything and I mean, everything that | wanted was my star. Another few branches, another peek. I made it to the middle of the tree. My previous One was next to me - beautiful shiny red ball. I
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    Yellow - I stood behind my star and looked out CHEEZ onto my territory. Greatness. . was BURGER king. And this was my throne. I was sO overwhelmed with joy when I got up there, I couldn't even make a sound. Honestly, I almost purred, but I was too emotional even for that. I could feel my tail buzzing with excitement. My whole core shook with it. The moment did not last long though. placed my paws on the star, getting up my back legs to stand up even on taller, and fora few seconds, everything wa
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    Text - I held onto star as strongly as I GANHAS my could, but on the way down I got CHEEZ caught in one of the light strings as endGER was forced to let go. That was the moment that i finally screamed, not in for fear but in longing star. The my humans were already running towards me. Embarrassment. I had fallen on three instead of four because one of legs them was tangled with the light string and attached to the tree. Don't fret though, the ending isn't all that bad. Before the humans got thei
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    Christmas special animation - Earnie in action!

    As a special Christmas gift, this Christmas entry has been animated by @sleepyskele. Take a look at Earnie in action, defeating the almighty Christmas tree!

    Check out @sleepyskele's portfolio hereand his Fiverr right here as well.


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