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Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#117)

  • 1

    "Seeing this pony working up the courage to jump over a tiny step made my day"

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  • 2

    "Happy 15th Birthday to my best friend!"

    Lighting - 15
  • 3

    "Cute elephant baby shows it talent to safari visitors."

  • 4

    "A cute Canadian marble fox"

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  • 5

    "Enjoying some quality brushing time!"

  • 6

    "Big cats like boxes too!"

    Tiger - U2
  • 7

    "Dad teaches a kid not to bully"

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  • 8

    "He's not fuzzy, but I still think my lil guy is cute!"

  • 9

    "Why did you stop human?"

  • 10

    "This cat climbs the tree every day to say hi to the house cat"

    Small to medium-sized cats
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  • 11

    "The Corgi Express"

  • 12

    "Dad sleeps downstairs on the sofa bed with elderly dog to keep him company since dog can’t get up the stairs anymore."

  • 13

    "This pittie taking the cutest bite ever"

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  • 14

    "Rescued Baby Dolphin"

  • 15

    "When you want a Golden Retriever but are only allowed to get a cat"

  • 16

    "An adorable baby hippo"

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  • 17

    "I present to you the best dance move the turtle shake"

  • 18

    "this is how my kitty greeted me after i was away for 3 weeks"

  • 19

    "lil batty taps"

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  • 20

    Manatee with twin calves at her sides

  • 21

    "The cutest duck I’ve ever seen!"


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