Women Tweet About Men The Way Women Are Mentioned In History

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    Font - manwhohasitall @manwhohasitall My friend is a history teacher. She's compiling a list of great historical figures and she needs a male to add to the list. Suggestions? 11:18 PM · Sep 1, 2017 · Twitter Web Client 10.4K Retweets 6,028 Quote Tweets 37.8K Likes

    With a beautifully sarcastic tone, @manwhoistall took to Twitter to ask people for 'suggestions' for his teacher friend that needs to include more men in her curriculum. The Twitter thread brilliantly illustrated (and turned around) the gender bias against women, and the results are hilarious. These people did not hold back.

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    Font - Don CorLeonie @LeonieHilliard · Sep 2, 2017 Replying to @manwhohasitall Here we go again. Look, men are biologically different & that's ok. We don't have to rewrite history. After all, behind every great woman... 1 27 5 100

    Hey, this thread is not personal. Men simply have their own strengths and weaknesses, it's not a competition! Sure we've come to a point where men are barely necessary for procreation, but they're still mighty good at opening jars.... oh, and gaslighting as well. I'm sure they have had other talents too, but I'm no history buff.

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    Rectangle - @sherrifflucy · Sep 2, 2017 Lucy Sherriff I half wonder whether men should be allowed in labs. Could be a distraction to hard working women. They at least need to dress appropriately ... 16 17 158 2.9K
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    Font - Jenny Mclaughlin @jennymaclondon · Sep 2, 2017 Replying to @manwhohasitall It's adorable that you want to shine a light on history's forgotten gender. Just the kind of nurturing approach I like to see from a man. ... 27 14 489
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    Font - Marianne Velmans @mariannevelmans · Sep 2, 2017 Replying to @manwhohasitall Marie Antoinette's husband? Can't remember his name but he also lost his head when she did I think. 1 15
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    Hair - S I don't know her
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    Font - Gayer Tham Thou (@ @Gayer_Than_.. · Sep 2, 2017 ... Replying to @manwhohasitall Remember that Fred Astaire did everything Ginger Rogers did, but in the easier position and in shoes that weren't hard to dance in. 4 27 22 280 JJJS, C.C.L.W. (Crazy Cat Lady Wannabe) @d.. · Sep 6, 2018 Well of course you can't expect a man to *really* keep up with a woman but he did a very good job for a man. ... 5
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    Font - MazzieW @demigirlace · Sep 2, 2017 Replying to @manwhohasitall I read an article recently that nearly half of viking warriors were actually men! It's suspected this lead to the myth of the berserker. ... 58 JJJS, C.C.L.W. (Crazy Cat Lady Wannabe) @debeehr · Sep 14, 2017 Slow down now, just b/c they found weapons buried w/ male skeletons didn't mean they were actually using them. Cd be passed down fm women. ... 4
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    Font - Parade of Donuts @donutmz · Sep 2, 2017 Replying to @manwhohasitall and @pzmyers It's just biology that men do well in the kitchen. Some are even creative in their own way, Like that Carver guy who invented peanut butter.
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    Font - Karen Hardy @KarenHardy99 - Sep 3, 2017 Replying to @manwhohasitall You really shouldn't encourage men. They'll just steal the jobs that family breadwinners need. O 17
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    Font - Erin You Ain't Pro Life Without A Mask Conroy @c... · Sep 10, 2017 ... George Sand actually wrote some pretty great books, for a man. Nothing like Jane Austen, but still. Worthy of a mention. 2
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    Font - JJJS, C.C.L.W. (Crazy Cat Lady Wannabe) @debeehr · Sep 14, 2017 ... Replying to @KatherineArabis and @manwhohasitall You mean Jackie Kennedys husband ? He was quite the fashion icon 4
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    Font - Aggressive Progressive @KenEdelberg · Apr 17, 2019 Replying to @manwhohasitall Didn't we have a couple of male Presidents? 1
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    Rectangle - G Swain @Swainwalker Sep 2, 2017 not a lot of people know, but Mark Twain was actually a man 15 27 100 2.4K
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