Youtube Legends 'H3H3' Ask to Be Roasted. Instead They Get a Raging Forest Fire.

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    Facial hair - /r/roast me

    The couple is known for their Youtube channels H3H3 Productions and Ethan and Hila. Which have exploded in popularity due to their involvement in various 'memes, laughs, goofs and gaffs' that have become hits online.

    Their usual subject matter involves lampooning other Youtubers and other producers for outrageous content.

    They do other satirical content too, like the viral 'Vape Nation' from early last year.

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    But today they put themselves on the other end of the roasting stick and the results are brutal.

    Enjoy the fire:

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    Text - We are h3h3productions, professional complainers and YouTube drama queens. Please roast us, appreciate ya. PAPA BLESS- "CELEBRITY" /r/roast me
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    Text - Pick_Locks_Get_Money Verified Roastbeef 3h 1 Your relationship is stable because that's where you met Hila Reply 12499 h3h3productions 3h oh shit 5072 ThatsMyHoverboard 3h You feeling it yet Ethan? 1405 Vmoney 1337 2h Ethan you know this roast is real 680 thefurmanator 2h Ethan's been using idubbbz as such a crutch lately; it's sad to hear he's both retarded and disabled 175
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    Cartoon - THIS IS FINe
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    Text - DeaconBlues 2h His pick-up line: How do you like them apples... t297 factbasedorGTFO 1h That's how he reined her in 74 2 MORE REPLIES 4 MORE REPLIES HAVOK121121 3h JRHNBR 132 icomefromaway 1h This is the highlight of the whole fucking thread 9
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    Text - factbasedorGTFo 1h I know this is roast me, but sometimes even here it's possible to go too far. You should apologize to horses everywhere. 91 LarpFish 3h Holy shit t54 1 MORE REPLY marquis-de-salo 3h He doesn't even need a bucket t40 42 MORE REPLIES GamersPlayAB 3h Maybe with all these people roasting you, you'll finally burn some calories.
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    Text - OnlyAMuffin 2h Ethan how does it feel to have bigger melons than your girlfriend Reply 1180 TromboneSmuggler 1h Not his girlfriend; he officially saddled that mare. 434 Rentington 1h Ethan and Hila have an open relationship, which they have discussed many many times on their Ethan and Hila channel blogs. She has had side flings with other people besides Ethan in the past and he currently has a few girls he sees on the side right now. 426 Rentington 1h I made that up
  • 9
    Text - TankyTinCan 3h This is the scariest faceswap I've seen. Reply 4457 Guiltyspark Best of Pt. 6, #6 . 3h Ethan looks like a pumpkin left out 10 days past Halloween 817 ThatsMyHoverboard 3h The squirrels got to him... It was a massacre... Seeds spilled out everywhere. Ripped chunks of stringy flesh littering the floor. The smell of pulpy pumpkin fresh in the air... 87 2 MORE REPLIES 1 MORE REPLY FluttersTheShy 3h Hila swapped faces with Michael Jackson, and Ethan swapped faces with a butt che
  • 10
    Text - MrTempestilence 3h The only reason you're posting here is for a video because you've run out of ideas. Reply 5430 -taco 2h Before posting this they googled "how do I put ads in the middle of a Reddit post" t1267 J4CKR4BB1TSL1 MS 1h This is /r/RoastMe, you might as well replace googled with binged 106 Mundt 56m AltaVista
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    Text - GioBurnsPrada 3h Iturn on adblock for your videos. Reply 6248 jordaniac89 2h Damn dude it's a roast not a forest fire 1807 3 MORE REPLIES GnosticHamster 2h /r/madlads 609 1 MORE REPLY Crazy3lf 2h I turn on adblock only for your videos. FTFY 390
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    Text - AeroKMSF 3h I thought roasting a couple Jews went out of style like 80 years ago 6776 Reply t_ondat 2h Couple? Heh. t676 VolcomZ41 2h You ain't seen nothing yet. Heh 182 offspringftw 1h Nothing personnel 81 yoshi570 1h Teleports behind Jew 24 ZaddyZack 1h unsheathes oven
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    Text - HeavySweetness 3h Remarkable! Your neckbeard has a neckbeard 1037 Reply DickinThe Dryer 2h M'neck 228 DarudestSandstorm 1h М'back 135 Var1ck 1h M'pussy and m'crack t177
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    Text - payment_in_potato 3h You guys give a 'teenage girl runs away with pedophile' type of vibe t2827 Reply ThatsMyHoverboard 3h So a YouTube prankster vibe? 611 Karatedude1 2h KISSING PRANKS - DAUGHTER EDITION t379 JoloSwaggins 2h GONE SEXUAL 190 uniqueguy263 1h NO CLOTHES FAMILY DAY t30
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    Text - dimafelix 3h I think the "Celebrity" tag was enough t2979 Reply ThatsMyHoverboard 3h They did the exact same to Markiplier 408 K4ntum 2h It was funnier to me, just because I legitimately didn't know who he was. 252 Boboboy8 1h To be fair there are a lot of actual "celebrities" that I don't even know about who sometime's get news coverage and I'm like, "who the fuck is this." I don't think just because they're on youtube means that they don't deserve the "celebrity" tag, because they are f
  • 16
    Text - TheBlackEyedSleaze 3h "Two men enter, three chins leave!" Reply 1336 The_Most_Savage 1h Like this many? 45 2 MORE REPLIES 3 MORE REPLIES Blackbear069 3h Your moves aren't even that good t2784 Reply iamMANCAT 3h come on, man, there are lines you just don't cross 987
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    Text - If you average both of your weights together, you'd be a normal sized couple Reply 2122 RadarReady 1h Isn't this true for any normal sized couple? Edit: Better Joke 418 PM_ME_XBOX_MONEYCODE 1h OP's implying that one is way overweight and the other is way underweight. 268 sonny99 1h But if they were both normal weight, the average of the two would still be normal t153
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    Text - baconforged 3h The male of the species will inflate their prodigious neck sacks to attract a mate. This fellow can obviously blow quite a big one! 387 Reply CloudsOfDust 1h It looks like he swallowed a burrito and it got jammed in his throat sideways. 17 1 MORE REPLY HarryGoLocky 2h Say what you will about Ethan but he looks like the sort of person who would never get caught speeding in a school zone 263 Reply Nogen12 1h I like this one. I like it a lot 8
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    Text - wakelander 2m The more I look at you, the more I realize that Vape Nation wasn't satire, you just really are that disabled. Reply Vote Bobcheese39 2m fucc u Reply tVote finn-rob 2m 2 Jews 3 Chins Reply 2 PENIS_FINGERS 2m you look like racists. wait. Reply Vote .. melechkibitzer 2m Egoraptor's chins did it better
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    Text - Bozlad Now She could do better and you both know it. Reply Vote qounger Now I'd love to force you on a boat to israel. tVote Reply xMoody Now You're famous enough to have a roast up up voted to the front page and yet still no one knows who you are. Reply Vote techlos 1m You've become the very channel you used to mock. Reply Vote vonadler 1m Imust say I appreciate you making both your foreheards caterpillar reserves. tVote Reply


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