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Derpy Cat With Permanent Blep Gives Birth To Itty Bitty Kitties

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    "Pregnant cat’s perma-blep"

    "Just picked up the cutest pregnant mama cat to foster.  She's a bob-tailed calico and has a permanent blep. And MAN does she purr! I love her already! She's due any day now, so I'm getting excited for kittens! Name suggestions for her and her babies are always welcome"

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    "Her contractions have started!!"

    "Kittens are coming TONIGHT!!  Good thing I didn't take my sleepy-time medicine yet. Wonder how many she'll have?? This is so exciting! Think my boss will let me call into work tomorrow because my foster cat gave birth? That's a thing, right?     Update: boss gave me the day off, just asked for kitten pics first!"

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    "The first kitten is here!"

    "Mama finally popped out her first baby, looks like a little calico girl!  She's such a good mama, knew exactly what to do. Wonder how many more are in there?? I'll do a final post when she's done giving birth, I'm just so excited the first one is finally here!          Update: sorry this took so long, we had a bit of a medical scare"

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    "the kittens are here and mama had a bit of a scare. So at 1:15am this little nugget popped out of my foster mama cat, a little calico girl."

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    "Mama was so great, ripped the sac and got the kitten breathing, then cut the cord and got to cleaning her. Then she rested for about thirty minutes while baby girl nursed."

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    "Then at 2:30am this little girl joined the world! She’s a grey tabby and has no tail!"

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    "Mama is bob-tailed but this little girl doesn’t even have a bob, she’s just tail-less!"

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  • 8

    "Mama repeated the process with her, but was a little slower to clean her up. You could tell she was tired."

  • 9

    "I held on to girl #1 to give mama and her new baby some alone time. She was very active!"

  • 10

    "I put them both back with mama for a little while, expecting the birth process to begin again shortly."

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    "But after about 45 minutes, I noticed that there was a sac hanging out of mama, and no new contractions were happening. I got worried that her next baby was stuck, and knew I had to act fast. I rushed her and the babies to the vet."

  • 12

    "Turns out, the placenta from the second kitten had gotten stuck and mama needed a shot of oxytocin to start the contractions again to expel it. And she only had those two girls, no other kittens! Tiny litter for a tiny mama!"

  • 13

    "And now the happy family is back at home! There was a theory that mama's perma-blep was pregnancy related, but I'm happy to announce it's still here, so it may be a truly permanent blep! I am so tired but relieved that everyone is happy and healthy. Thanks for taking this journey with me, Imgur!  (Edit: for those of you who were wondering, my boss did give me the day off, he just wanted to see some cute kittens pics and then said "You're a grandma! Enjoy your new grand babies, see you Wednesday.")"

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