I Can Has Cheezburger?

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    Font - Kelly Driscoll I was once sitting in the front porch petting a feral cat that had adopted us, when a stray dog came down the street and started to come into the yard. That cat launched himself off the porch with a demonic growl and tore towards the dog. The dog thought better of his direction and took off. The cat trotted trotted back and resumed getting his pets. I was stunned. 17 Like · Reply Message 15h

    This is what is so great about cats. It's hard sometimes to get them to trust you and show you love back. But, when they choose you, they choose you, and they will not share you easily. This is the epitome of cat love, so you have no place for complaining. You can only be grateful about it lol.

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    Font - Angela Munoz It's amazing what happens when 10 pounds of fur covered razor blades goes into battle mode. My roommate had some dude who was a guest of his former roommate give him attitude. So my roommate's cat launched himself off the top of the fridge on to the guys head and tried to eat him alive. O 19 Like · Reply Message 16h Edited

    And this is yet another thing we love about our fluffy fur balls. They may lazy around all day long, expect you to serve them and do everything for them. Even getting up to play with their favorite toy can be a task. But when it comes to protecting their humans against strangers? They will 100% have your back... and the perpetrator's head. 

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    Font - Alexandria Higgins-McKnight My first cat as an adult living away from my parents: She was my faithful Guard Kitty. Missy would flop right infront of anyone new to the house to trip them. No petting allowed. Whatever room I was in, she'd flop between me and the entrance. A furry speed bump of delay to allow me to get away. Unless she was comforting me during a migraine or Anxiety/Depression episode. Then she'd be snugged as close to my head as possible with motor going full blast. 9. Like
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    Rectangle - Tracy Schafer I thought I was the only one who ever had a cat that tried to save me from the shower. As soon as l'd turn on the shower, she'd appear out of nowhere, and claw at my calves, and meow. Like Reply Message · 17h · Edited
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    Rectangle - Jade Morgan My cat licks my tears and would 1000% die for me, so would my dog, cats aren't always loyal but you'd be surprised how many actually are 0 3 Like Reply · Message · 12h
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    Font - Carrie Seymour My cat Poppy is very concerned whenever I'm in bed with only my head and arms visible. She'll come and interact with the visible parts, but then she INSISTS on getting under the cover and won't take no for an answer. Sometimes she curls up under there, which is the most wonderful thing, but most of the time she just walks down to my feet and then back up. I swear she's checking the rest of me is there. 1 Like · Reply Message 3h
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    Font - Jade Ueblhear Cats can't physically drag their owners out of burning houses. But there have been lots of stories of cats waking up their people in a fire. Or a gas leak, or a carbon monoxide leak. Plus, there was that cat that straight up body slammed that dog that was attacking a kid. I think some cats are more loyal than people give them credit for. But, they are very picky about their loyalty. Far more picky than dogs, anyway.. So, I guess if you're not the "right" person, you're screw
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    Font - Rachael Cummins Dogs are by nature pack animals. They naturally bond to anything they can't eat and doesn't hurt them. Cats, on the other hand, are solitary by nature. They don't rely on anyone for survival, so their affection isn't as easily earned as a dogs'. However, once that trust is built, it is unwavering. My dog is a moron and will sell us out for belly rubs and the permission to lick your face. My cat is going to size you up from a hidey hole before she decides you're cool and wi
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    Rectangle - Lii Oulu I lived with a cat that made me follow her up to the attic where there was smoldering and smoke, not yet a fire. Called 911 and got all the roommates out. Minimal damage and all alive. Like · Reply · Message 12h
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    Font - Molly Procopio Never had cats growing up (sister and mom are allergic). I thought cats were horrible and I didn't understand why anyone would want one. Then my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to his cat. We've had cats ever since. I love them, they are little assholes and I wouldn't change it. Give me a good laugh everyday and our one is the softest cat I've ever felt. She'll let you cuddle her for about 2 mins before she has enough e
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    Font - Jayde Brewster My two freak out. Tonight, I was in the bath. Meditating, under water. I heard one, then the second. I peek over the edge, and based on their faced, they were fighting over who's turn it was to rescue me. My question is similar to the posters. Why fight. If they rescued me together, it might be easier. Like · Reply Message 10h
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    Rectangle - Kemp Fuller Once on my first day back to work after vacation my cat checked on me in the shower. "Are you drowning "? Me, sitting down In The Shower with coffee: " I'm thinking about it". Him; "Okay". Then he went off to nap. 1 Like · Reply Message 9h
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    Smile - Renee Day But, everyday, you get out of the shower safely, thus convincing the cat that his efforts have been successful and so he must repeat them every time. 42 Like · Reply Message 19h
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    Rectangle - Chris Graziano Our cats kill scorpions , not all heros wear capes. Like · Reply Message 20h
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    Rectangle - Anita L. Russell Cat person? Dog person? Lol. Gimme da fuzzy babies. I have a big, comfy grandma lap and I can snuggle them ALL. O 11 Like Reply Message · 13h · Edited

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