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Awwdorably Funny Names Given To Pets

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    Human body - Shelley Ashby All my pets have food names. I have 3 cats: Lollipop, Rocky Road and Taco cat. And 2 dogs: Jelly Bean and Strawberry. 14 Like · Reply · Message 2d

    We do not fully understand why we have the tendency to name our pets after foods, but we do love it. We know what it sounds like listening to someone tell a story about a pet with a food name from the outside, and it's hilarious. We definitely support naming pets after foods, and the more ridiculous, the better. 

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    Human body - Top Fan Tracy Hodgson I had a cat with the nicknames Poopie, Poopie-doo, Miss Poop, Poopalicious, etc. Her actual name was Foxglove. 3 Like · Reply · Message 2d

    This is the most accurate name collection we think. And by that we mean that none of our pets only have one name. They have a million names and nicknames, and they respond to... practically none of them. They only respond to the word "food". Oooooh, maybe that's why we give them food names, we're just subconsciously hoping they'll respond to us. 

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    Smile - Alexandra-Ronald Coon My favorite one is a cat in a video named slippers and he sneaks a live duck into his owners house. Now whenever anything surprises me i think oh slippers! 2 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Leslie Williams My son's beloved furbaby was the only food cat in the family, Triscuit. Now he has Marzipan and Moche. My daughter has 2 math cats, Polygon (Polly), and Calculus (Callie), and one famous cat, Sameow L. Jackson. My furbaby is Booger, which to be fair, in a child's world, could be considered a food name, lol. 4 Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Andy Patterson My parents named their dogs Bandit and Bailey, and in the same breath named their cats Socks, Boots, and Mittens. 6. Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Human body - Betty Burns My cat was named Squirrel and my dog's middle name is Casserole Like · Reply · Message 2d LO
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    Human body - Tasha Holt DeLotelle I understand- we had a goat named Hamburger and 2 PET turkeys named Christmas and Thanksgiving when I was a kid. 15 Like Reply · Message 2d
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    Human body - Gayle Robinson I kow of a rooster called Tyrannosaurus Pecks! OD 29 Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Organism - Becky Lechner Miller I have a dog named Reesie after reeses pieces. And a cat named Chloe. (My daughter named her after the Kardashians) then I have a cat named little boy. He was the last of the litter, we weren't expecting to keep him lol 1 Like · Reply · Message 1d
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    Font - Shelly DeJaynes LaPlant I petsit part time so I hear a lot of unusual pet names but the young couple who named their cat "pants" is the best one I've heard. "Mr Noodle" was short for some long title sounding name, that i can't remember, was a good one too. Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Font - Deborah Hale I had a cat named Noisy - he was so loud that his mama kicked him out of the box after he was born. She brought him to me, I rubbed his tiny head and said, "Well, aren't YOU a noisy little thing?" HE SHUT UP AND FELL ASLEEP. He required extra love and I was honored to give it to him for his entire life. 8 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Human body - Oksana Klindukhova My friends are about to adopt a second cat. They're choosing a name based on how easy it's going to be to yell it. 3 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Human body - Emily Smith Goodner Cats are great. It doesn't matter what you call them. My Peanut Butter Goodner only comes to me when turkey is involved. Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Melanie J. Elin I knew someone who adopted two cats. He looked in his fridge and the first two things which popped out were the names he gave his cats. The cats were named Pork and Mayonnaise. 9. Like · Reply Message 2d

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