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27 Heartwarming Adoption Stories From Around The Web

  • 1

    "My grandparents have never let pets in the house before."


    "Last month, they found Sam hanging around their farm. He'd been shot multiple times, couldn't walk & was VERY skinny. They now have a very happy, healthy, handsome boy living inside with them ? He has a limp & head tilt but he rocks it"

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  • 2

    "My grandfather passed away from heart failure six days ago."


    "The day after, this stray cat shows up out of nowhere at his house. It's been five days now and he still hasn't left. My family hasn't seen anybody post anything about a missing cat, so we've decided to keep him. Meet Dodge."

  • 3

    "This is Jelli, she is an almost 2 year old rescue."


    "Jelli was surrendered to the vets after her previous owner asked for her to be put to sleep as she wasn't using the litter tray & The vets refused to put her to sleep. We've had her for just over a year now"

  • 4

    "My boyfriend and I just picked up our little rescue kitten, and I can’t tell who’s happier! Meet Frog!"

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  • 5

    "My first ever pet at 31 years old. It's been 17 hours and I'm obsessed with him"

  • 6

    "My new rescue noodle, found on the streets of Texas. No history, no known age, no training, scared of the world, but loves his people"

  • 7

    "I was never much of a cat person. Until my wife brought this weirdo home."

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  • 8

    "The new addition"

  • 9

    "My grandma (90) warming up our new family member (~2 weeks). Love this photo."

  • 10

    "I’ve waited 27 years for this moment. Bringing home my very first chicken nugget in a couple of weeks. Meet Lola!"

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  • 11

    "“No we are not getting another cat.” We got another cat."

    Glasses - Mount Rshmor
  • 12

    "I adopted my grandpa’s sweet kitty after he passed"

  • 13

    "I got a kitten during UK lockdown and she has become my best pal. Love U Chippy!"

    Comfort - wwwww www
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  • 14

    "A family returned her because her fur wasn't getting long. Their loss is my gain - she is such a sweetie!"

  • 15

    "I rescued this little girl as a stray in October after feeding her for weeks"

    Cat - SOPHIE
  • 16

    "Me and my girlfriend saved a cat from the shelter. Nobody wanted him because he had all his teeth removed but he’s the sweetest cat ever. His name is Bandit!"

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  • 17

    "I adopted two special-needs kittens separately. Today they held hands"

    Cat - FRES FIS
  • 18

    "Two weeks ago, I adopted a boy with the saddest face from a nearby shelter. He's really come out of his shell in that time, and has already grown attached to me. Meet Tom Bombadog!"

    Dog - TOM
  • 19

    "Adopted this beautiful boy today, his name is Charlie, and he is a mixed breed Birman."


    "I got him from the local cat shelter. Their theory behind him was that he escaped from a backyard breeder. He's very shy and timid at the present, but is settling in well."

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  • 20

    "I was fostering this goof when a family adopted him. The family brought him back for being "too large" so I adopted him. Welcome home, big guy."

  • 21

    "Our newest addition, Luna"

    Cat - 11en Run llorid care of
  • 22

    "Before and after adoption. Meet Dixie."

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  • 23

    "I foster neonatal kittens. This guy is four days old and feisty!"

  • 24

    "Not sure I will ever take a sweeter photo of my new parakeet"

  • 25

    "He shoots snot everywhere, needs regular anal gland maintenance, is deaf, and has a silly broken tail. But one thing he is not is unadoptable......because I foster failed and adopted him before he got labeled as such. Welcome to our family, Figaro!"

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  • 26

    "Theae two boys were raised by an old lady as kittens. She passed away and when the pound seprated them so one could have surgery the other became very anxious. So I got a bogo deal on cats. Meet Merry and Pippin folks."

  • 27

    "My Dads friend found this guy near death in the desert. A long bath and vet visit later we found out he's 15. Time to retire in style!"


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