I Can Has Cheezburger?

Cats Showing Kindness To Their Humans In Funny Ways (Facebook Comments)

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    Rectangle - Holly Rider An old cat of mine would put his favorite toy of his in my purse occasionally to take to work with me. ODE 47 Like · Reply Message 2d

    One of the cutest things ever is having your cat bring things over as gifts for you. It's true, sometimes they bring you dead mice, and sometimes, they bring you a piece of tinsel from your Christmas tree, and when you wake up and it's still dark, you may think that it's a snake...

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    Font - Heather Race My cat piles nerf darts outside of my bedroom door every night. It's better than the birds and mice my childhood cat left on my pillow. 53 Like · Reply · Message · 2d

    But! You know, it's the thought that counts. Nerf darts outside your door is a sign of love, clearly, you have to understand and appreciate. You say thank you politely and attempt to hide the nerf darts in the future to avoid any more unexpected heart attacks. It's love, accept it. 

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    Font - James Brady A friend posted this meme a week or so ago and a friend of his left this comment: Years ago we had a cat named Morgan le Fae. One evening we ran out of cat food, and she thought we were starving to death. We had company over so we were going to wait until after dinner to get some catfood. I'm cooking and I hear screams. I go to investigate - my daughters are screaming and pointing at Morgan on the porch. I go outside - there's a slab of meat with ribs sticking out, about the s
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    Rectangle - Top Fan Teresa Sandler My cat brings me toys while l'm asleep... I'll wake up to a toy by the side of the bed 54 Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Rectangle - Elizabeth Becerra I had a cat that used to leave mice in my shoes Like · Reply · Message · 1d
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    Cat - Reda Mills My cat Stormy use to put his toys in my husband's shoes. D 29 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Font - Robyn Louisell we had a siamese applehead girl back in the 1990s that when she wanted to cuddle with me she would grab the leather key fob out of my purse and take off somewhere and hide my keys - made me late to work several times ( boss was not amused ) and one day i simply could not find them until hubby got home to help search. that day i just more or less took a sick day. but she love to cuddle in the early morning laying long my side and she simply was smarter than me that day so sh
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    Rectangle - Patricia Brunner My male cat has a rat toy that he carries around the house while yelling loudly. He then drops it right by my chair. Like · Reply · Message · 1d
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    Font - Lou Scott My childhood cat loved my mother..so much so that he caught her a mouse.and put it's dead body on her foot while she was making breakfast.it wasn't totally dead.when it moved she shrieked and jumped..sky high..like a cheerleader on tryouts day...so many years later..i can still hear the shriek..it was awesome!! Like · Reply · Message · 1d
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    Font - Liliana Molinar My cat when I was a teen would bring me grasshoppers. No hind legs. One morning I found like 20 of them. After I cried cleaned them up she stopped bringing me them. Either she was insulted at me throwing away her gift or she saw how sad it made me that I would never be the great hunter she was. Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Font - Melissa Cahill I had a cat release a live gopher loose in the house. The cat figured since we were so nice to feed them Kalcan, they would teach us how to hunt. 1 Like · Reply · Message · 1d
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    Font - April Rudolph-Henley And now l'm dead! I had a guy who was OBSESSED with foam balls and he'd always "pay the toll" to get into my bedroom by carrying one upstairs, meowing until I opened the door, and then dropping the ball once he was in the room. 13 Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Smile - Mariam Smith My kitten Twilight always places a toy (whether it's one of hers or one of her brothers or sisters) in my work bag. OD 3 Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Rectangle - Punkus Arnett One of mine brought me an earthworm last night Like · Reply · Message · 2d
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    Mammal - Lauren Carroll-Gross My cat piles toys by our door..whatever she can lift and drag lol, she brought a 5 lb bag of Legos, race cars.action figures.anything..oh and a shoe. 12 Like · Reply · Message · 1d · Edited
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    Rectangle - Melissa Edgerton My Jacqueline would put her cat toys in my suitcases when I would go on business trips. It was so fun to find them. OD9 23 Like · Reply · Message · 2d

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