I Can Has Cheezburger?

Mid-Week Animal Memes And Tweets For The Soul

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    Bird - I think a lot about how puffins live in holes & they look like they're kind of embarrassed about it

    Hey, don't make fun of these little guys. Sometimes, you really just need to hide from the world. If we had the ability to go into a hole and just have a really long nap in the middle of the week, we're pretty dang sure we would take it. A break is important - allow yourself to have a few. 

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    Dog - and his dad said there were lots of dog training videos on YouTube. So, here he is, showing them to the puppy...

    Can't blame him for trying. He interpreted what he was supposed to do pawfectly. It was your fault for not being clear enough. And most adorably, the dog seems so, so intrigued, perhaps he really is managing to learn something from this strange glowing square. 

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    Dog - When you love something so much you get it in all the colors uppermémes @thebestpuppermemes
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    Cat - Quick animal fact #25: Most bobcats are not named bob
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    Dog - **Me at 7 am trying to complete the finale episode of the series i binge watched all night** made withh mematic
  • 6
    World - Penguins watching the night sky in Melbourne looking like a Pixar movie
  • 7
    Vertebrate - There's a mattress store that gives you a mattress for your dog when you buy a normal one.
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  • 8
    Cat - When you're shy but you have to give 4 presentation this week.
  • 9
    Shorts - fullmemetalalchemist Follow why are the pigeons so green eggcats Follow chlorophyll
  • 10
    Water - When you're comfortable with being yourself around others
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  • 11
    Photograph - The best thing l've learned this week is that when squirrels fall/jump - they land like superheroes
  • 12
    Plant - nobody: small dogs:
  • 13
    Product - i want what they have Vegan Redneck @JackTVegan69 He wanna play PlayStation so bad
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  • 14
    Water - In this photo, you see famous professional eater, Joey Chestnuts pet capybara, Hugh
  • 15
    Car - Sorry haha all the lights are gray
  • 16
    Dog - "Our next guest will be speaking about tennis balls and why u shouldn't fake the throw" Shitheadsteve
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  • 17
    Dog - What the hell kinda teeth- oh, nevermind
  • 18
    Water - harampolice @harampolicewlah I wish I had this cow's peace of mind, I already have its body
  • 19
    Vertebrate - Me with $.75 in my savings account looking at real estate: "Wow $1.4M for that? Not bad, not bad at all.
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  • 20
    Photograph - How many mental breakdowns have you had today?

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