I Can Has Cheezburger?

Pawndemonium In The Form Of Dogs Just Being Dogs

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    "Just so we're all fully aware that Sir Frederick has not stopped doing this every single night."


    You look so done with it, Mister, instead of being thankful for the love being given to you. This is one of the most in-love doggos we've ever seen. Perhaps, as cat owners, we've learned to rejoice at every single moment our cats are affectionate with us. But regardless, you better turn that smile upside down, Mister. 

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    "made a friend, being extremely cool and normal about it"

    Musical instrument - THO

    We very much relate to this pupper. Sometimes, you are so happy about making a new friend that we can't help but be mildly weird around them. The best thing is when those new friends accept you for how weird you are though. That's a friend who's definitely going to stay a friend.

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    "My dog posing for a treat"

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    "She thought this was the best place to sleep... In a plant pot. I think she thinks she's a cat."

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    "The Starbucks cup isn’t stuck, he just enjoyed his first Puppuccino so much he insisted on sitting like this with the empty cup the whole ride home."

    Dog - ling
  • 6

    "My vet sent me this from my dogs check up today."

  • 7

    "I might have adopted a human instead of a dog.."

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  • 8

    "Thought we were going for a walk, ending up going for a climb"

  • 9

    "Came back from a walk all spooked. Settled now him’s swaddled in a good boy loaf."

  • 10

    "my dog likes to poop ON bushes."

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    "He blows bubbles when he’s about to eat"

  • 12

    "I hear we're showing beagles helping with the gardening? Here's Tim at his most helpful."

    Dog - MÓNA BORD 3Tor Multipurpose E12 Compost
  • 13

    "she tries to climb in the dishwasher every time we open it"

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  • 14

    'Tried out the calming dog treats we bought in advance of our cross country move to see if they work..."

  • 15

    "So I mowed this morning. And she rolled as I mowed. She’s a special girl"

    Dog breed
  • 16

    "The way he sits looks so uncomfortable."

    Working animal
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  • 17

    "17 years young and perfect posture!"

    Smile - Panaltin CAIN N A REPUBLIC
  • 18

    "He woke up from his nap and slid half way off the couch then just stayed there wagging his tail"

  • 19

    "The word "walk" was said in a sentence and this was her reaction"

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    "This is how he waits for treats"

    Dog - ROSENLEW

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