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Viral Tweets: Mom Confuses Hedgehog Purchase For Coming Out

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    Font - caroline conrad @CPConrad when i was 19 i was very nervous to tell my mom i had spent most of my savings on a baby hedgehog and built it up so much that she interrupted me to tell me she would love and support me no matter who i was or who i loved and that's when i realized she thought i was coming out 4:52 AM · May 10, 2021 · Twitter Web App 3,266 Retweets 100 Quote Tweets 78.9K Likes

    You gotta give it to the mom though. If she truly believed that this person was about to come out and this was her reaction, then she really does rock. We could only hope for all moms to be so wholesome and supportive of their kids like that. Tell your mom we love her, she's awesome. 

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    Organism - caroline conrad @CPConrad Replying to @CPConrad love you mom, you rule!!!!!! 4:55 AM May 10, 2021 · Twitter Web App 12 Retweets 3,900 Likes
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    Rodent - caroline conrad ... @CPConrad Replying to @CPConrad the baby hedgehog in question 7:51 PM May 10, 2021 - Twitter Web App 139 Retweets 11 Quote Tweets 12K Likes

    We honestly never imagined that getting a pet hedgehog is something so expensive, but... looking at this little cutie pie, we can totally see why people would pay endless money to have one. Like, oh my god, that might be the cutest hedgehog we've ever seen. Worth every penny. 

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    Natural environment - Meg Jumegannnjulialia @megannnjulia ... Replying to @CPConrad I also got a hedgehog at 19 that I had to break the news to my mom about! That was 10 years ago. But she ended up loving him, and he lived to be quite old. I'd never have a hedgehog again, but Winston was a good boy. 12:50 AM May 11, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 10 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 1,257 Likes
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    Font - moderna momma @dadvillainy Replying to @CPConrad I did literally the same thing except I told my dad I "found it"
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    Product - Mel ... @melohyelloh Replying to @CPConrad i also bought a hedgehog at age 19 or 20 and didn't tell my parents until very soon before i had to pick him he died at age 5.5 years (approx). RIP lentil bean up
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    Rectangle - Dean Cj @constans Replying to @CPConrad How much does a baby hedgehog cost? 10:49 PM May 10, 2021 Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - Night Witch ... @Lunar_Lena Replying to @constans and @CPConrad Just the hedgehog would run at least a few hundred dollars. I think $200-300, plus they usually need to be "shipped" because there aren't a lot of breeders, which is even more. I haven't looked in a few years though! 11:59 PM May 10, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Sky - CroShayla @CroShayla .... Replying to @CPConrad Within a month of moving out of my parents I bought a baby hedgie! Her name was Ruby
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    Sleeve - Emily @emmcgoobz Replying to @CPConrad "Thanks for love and support, but I really only need $1,500."
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    Hedgehog - Leisa ... @classicleisa Replying to @CPConrad I got my baby hedgehog at 21, best decision I ever made a he just turned 2! Also you and your mom are so wholesome !!
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    Eye - zanzaboonda | Âû 0 @zanzaboonda = (she/her/any) > )77 Replying to @CPConrad and @TheseMeThinkins "I'm not gay. I just bought a hedgehog."
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    Human body - Jennifer Lee Rossman @JenLRossman Replying to @zanzaboonda @CPConrad and @TheseMeThinkins Is she, you know... a hedgehog owner?
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    Product - rax 'preorder TACKY @RaxKinglsDead ' king Replying to @CPConrad worth every penny

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