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What Your Dogs Would Post If They Could Ask For Advice Online

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    Head - r/dogs Posted by u/fetishiste 26 days ago @2 3 2 5 If your dog could post here asking for advice, what would the titles of their posts be?

    This question of the hour. We must admit we spent more time than we would like to admit applying this question to our own doggos. We wonder what they would ask for advice about if they were able. Hmmmm.

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    Font - Mine: [Help] How can I train my humans to stop resource guarding their dinner and share?
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    Font - skyblue847 · 26d How do I discourage my human from forcing me to go potty before bed? I'm already asleep by this time and it's super disruptive. We have a potty bell that I can easily ring at 4am so I'm not really sure what the point of all this is.

    This is SO relatable. This doggo said it, all the other doggos were thinking it. To be honest we think this might answer our previous question about what our dogs would ask for advice about if they could…

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    Font - catdogwoman · 25d Have you tried crying and whining even though you can still see them through the fence?
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    Font - Positive-Wave-1108 · 26d [help] I get to go outside ONLY 12 times a day.
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    Font - pizzalana · 25d I mean why bother going outside? It's warm in here and you will clean it up anyways
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    Font - FromMyFingers · 25d - edited 25d Black Lab\Blue Heeler Does anyone else's butthole sometimes make a loud sound? And is it OK to bark at it? Also, why do the humans laugh when this happens?
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    Font - space_cat7 · 25d [Help] Every day my owner compliments me on pooping. It makes me uncomfortable. How can I tell her to stop?
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    Font - pippyLONGsocking - 26d [Help] Human feeds me twice a day. How do I make them understand I need a steady stream of food? [Fluff] Human fell asleep early and forgot to brush my teeth!
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    Human body - imitebmike · 26d Is my human cheating on me? cause sometimes they'll disappear for hours and then come home smelling of another dog and i know its probably just my imagination but i can smell it and i know its true.
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    Human body - Jessicabuddy9 - 25d My human keeps leaving the yard without permission , I try being clearly upset when they leave and rewarding them with love and kisses for returning but it hasn't helped . I worry because their teeth are so flat and they can't even bark to scare away other animals... how can I stop them from roaming ?
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    Human body - zeroempathy · 25d Have you tried peeing on the carpet?

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