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Cats And Their Ridiculously Pompous Water Drinking Habits

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    Rectangle - Dorothy Cho My cat will not drink tap water. She must have a clean water dish twice daily and you can only use high end bottled water. She must inspect the bottle water before you pour into her dish. If she does not want you that brand of water she will let you know Like · Reply Message 1d

    We can only imagine these pompous picky little felines trying to survive in the wild smh. They look at us and think that they are the rulers of the whole world, that they have everything under their control. Yet, the will not drink their heckin' water if there is a single speck of dust in it. God, we love them so much. 

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    Font - Julie Allard Morris Kitty Max was obsessed with the bath tub faucet. He would sit on the edge of the tub and yell at the top of his lungs until you turned it on. Just a little bit. Then he'd stick his head under the water and try to catch it as it fellI off his face. Then he discovered the kitchen sink faucet. Silly cat. Like · Reply Message 23h

    This might be one of our favorite things about cats - the desire to play with water even though they absolutely hate it. It is as if they re saying that they are totally fine with getting wet, it simply has to be under their chosen circumstances, and honestly, we cannot even fault them for that. 

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    Rectangle - Vira Martine My cat hates tap water, he prefers cold bottled water .lol which we give him Like Reply Message 1d
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    Rectangle - Emily Worts I had a cat who would not drink out of the communal water bowl. He'd drink out of it if it was fresh but only when he knew none of the other animals drank out of it. Like · Reply · Message 1d
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    Font - Janet P Schwartz my cat used to prefer to wait till we flushed the toilet so he could drink 'fresh' water out of the bowl. since i bought him a water fountain ( made of ceramic, not plastic) and fill it with spring water, he drinks enough, finally. he's 19 and his kidneys are slowly going, so i want him to drink all he can. the cats drin kbetter water than we do, in this house! Like · Reply · Message 7h
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    Rectangle - Kelly Driscoll I've got water in every room, but of course he prefers to drink out of the toilet. 1 Like Reply Message 1d
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    Font - Susan Bahor Schweiger Our cat wouldn't drink water, just play with the bowl and spill it all over the place. We have a separate shower so we rarely use the bathtub - the cat saw me running the water to clean one time and was fascinated - I put his bowl in the bathtub and in the morning and at night when I'm dressing/undressing, I run the water and fill his bowl. He drinks that water, but first has to get those last drops coming from the faucet. I'll hear him in the middle of the night pla
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    Rectangle - Paula Lozar One of my cats likes to lick water off the faucet. She isn't interested when the water is actually running, but when you turn it off, she slurps the last few drops from the faucet and clamors for more. Go figure. 1 Like · Reply · Message 1d
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    Human body - Rae Lundquist my cat does that too. ('steal' water from my glass). And then she looks sheepish, when I catch her at it! Like Reply Message 19h
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    Rectangle - Alison Edwards My cat has his own cup and saucer next to the kitchen sink, he refuses to drink out of anything else and has a complete tantrum if one of the other cats goes near it. Like · Reply Message 1d
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    Font - Muriel Scheurer My mom's cat once started drinking from her water cup so she put a cup for him on the table. Happy he was finally taken seriously as a drinking partner he started to use that cup and even asked for it if it disappeared or was empty. My cat is weird. She drinks her water from the water bowl next to her kibble bowl. I always keep a water bowl near the food bowls, just because I am used to and the old school cat books told me so, but more as an accessory and never had cats re
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    Rectangle - Michele Brunker My cat will only drink from my cup when I'm home. And I must be holding it. When l'm not home she drinks out of little 4 oz cups that look like mine. Like Reply · Message 1d
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    Rectangle - Aimee Quinn Ahern My cat never drinks the water I leave out for him but l've heard they love running water; so l'm guessing he's found a tap on a neighbouring farm or something because we're having very hot weather here and he looks ok Like · Reply · Message 1d
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