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Cat Rescue: Feral Cat Approaches Couple And Promptly Adopts Them

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    "We used to have an empty lot across the street from our house that had a lot of feral cats."

    The start of a good old fashioned cat rescue story. We are all ears, what happened next?

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    "My husband was barbecuing and this little guy came right up to him. We fed him and the rest is history. We kept him in our porch while we tried to see if he had an owner."

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    "Wasn't long before he was inside the house."

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    Wood - 38 1 3M WE

    "Turns out he has no family! Got him neutered, dewormed and chipped. He took it really well."

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    "Not long after, he started to scratch and lick his shoulder until it bled. Our vet told us to get him some baby clothes to keep him from scratching, but he was so small that he could walk right out the neck, so my husband cut the leg off his long underwear and cut leg holes in it. Our little Earl wore a tank top for weeks. The vet gave us some antihistamine cream. We changed his food several times trying to find the allergen."

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    Cat - 一

    "He licked his tank top so much he licked a hole through it and we had to layer it with a sweater. Good thing it was winter."

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    "More trips to the vet. Still working the allergy angle."

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    "New sweater. The other one also had a hole licked in it."

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    "Had to give him a bath because of the buildup of hair and medicated ointment under the sweater. Turns out he never had an allergy. He had a top-notch case of worms."

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    "You can see where he was licking."

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    Furniture - EARL

    "His hair has grown back. He can now sit with his older sister without her attacking him. We think she could smell the worms on him and wouldn't let him near her."

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    "We got him a little sister too and they love each other fiercely."


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