Mom Makes Husband Go Alone With Kids To Disneyland, Asks If She's A Jerk

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    Font - AITA for making my husband and the kids leave the house for the weekend? | (30F) have been married to my hubby (34M) for 7 years now. We have two kids together, ages 5 and 8. Hubby and I both have advanced degrees and work in healthcare, but I'm the breadwinner of the family. This past Monday, I offered to pay for a trip for him and the kids, because I wanted to have the house to myself for the weekend. Well, me and a couple girlfriends - we all pitched in to have a couple manicurists com
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    Font - So, that happened. I thought I was being generous with my deal but apparently hubby thinks I'm being unaccommodating. This isn't the first time we've had spats like this over trips, either. AITA here? 1.5k 3 737 ↑, Share
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    Font - I think it's fair to want time alone, but I have to say YTA for deciding this without real discussion? You may be the breadwinner but your husband has a job as well and you just decided he's going to have full childcare duties for an entire weekend without any discussion whatsoever? And when he offered an alternative location you got mad about it. He's the one who has to solo parent all weekend on no notice so honestly I think he should be able to pick the location at the very least - but
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    Font - OverthinkingMum · 3d 1 Award YTA - you basically sent him away from his own home with the kids. Imagine if the roles were reversed and he sent you away with the kids (when you didn't want to go) so he could have the guys around. Move your girls weekend to a fancy hotel and if your hubby decides to take the kids away that weekend, it's his choice - not your demand. G Reply 4 1.9k 3 ...
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    Font - StreamAngler• 3d YTA. He is right. You are selfish. You are kicking him out of his house and telling him where he can and cannot go. G Reply 4 147 3 ...
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    Rectangle - laiks123 · 3d Partassipant [2] YTA You just told your husband what he will be doing with the children without any input from him and expected him to be happy, of course he isn't G Reply 4 3.4k 3
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    Rectangle - Fit-Bear · 3d Certified Proctologist [20] YTA. You are being selfish. If you want a weekend with the girls you could go to a spa or something. No need to order your family out of the house. G Reply 1 14 3 + ...
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    Font - Strokedoutbear · 3d YTA. Hey, take 2 kids to a huge crowded theme park in Florida in August alone while I relax and recreate with my friends in the comfort of home. Ijust don't understand why he isn't just chomping at the bit to go. (Sarcasm) BTW if you are both employed you are not the "breadwinner" G Reply 4 12 3 ...
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    Rectangle - SrirachaFlame · 3d YTA. Just because you earn more money doesn't make you better than him, and from your post I get the feeling you are condescending G Reply + ...
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    Rectangle - TibbleTabbs1114 · 3d Colo-rectal Surgeon [43] ΥΤΑ You didn't ask, you told. You gave him no choice in the planning of where and then got an attitude when he picked a place. O G Reply & 34 3 +
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    Rectangle - huskydannnn · 3d YTA...not because you had to establish your financial pants but because you shot down his compromise. if you want girls night at the house you might need to sacrifice sharing a first time experience. G Reply 1 53 3 ...


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