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Twitter Thread: Petrified User Gets Chased By A Gang Of Ducks

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    Font - Jetpacker Extraordinaire @Still Birdy Y'all.. I just got chased back inside by a gang of ducks.

    We knew, the moment we saw this tweet, that this story was going to be amazing. There was no option for it to be anything other than ridiculous, insane, and hilarious. And it is. Thank you for sharing this gem with us, and please excuse us for laughing so hard at your fear. 

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    Plant - 8:55 PM - Sep 4, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 11.3K Retweets 1,894 Quote Tweets 119.2K Likes

    Yeah, okay, fine, we give it to you, this is a scary group of duckos. We would have ran too. That duck looks like it is full on ready for a fight. It really does remind us of the story of a cow chasing someone on Valentines day. Some things seem sooo heckin' innocent and harmless riiiight up until they start running after you.

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    Product - Jetpacker Extraordinaire @Still Birdy Replying to @Still Birdy They won't leave.
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    Exercise machine - Jetpacker Extraordinaire ... @Still Birdy Replying to @Still Birdy The mother fuckers done got comfortable and I need to get outside to give Sugar Plum to his other grandma Bxtch DON'T WEAR NO SHOES IN MY HOUSE
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    Font - Jetpacker Extraordinaire @Still_Birdy Replying to @Still_Birdy I gave them some grapes and they left guys! I guess it was a shake down but I paid my fee 9:47 PM Sep 4, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 357 Retweets 39 Quote Tweets 7,078 Likes
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    Sleeve - Tee ... @SheOwnsARainbow Replying to @Still_Birdy You: 11:57 PM Sep 4, 2021 - Twitter for Android 19 Retweets 1,626 Likes
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    Light - AmandaB ... @Qubz2016 Replying to @Still Birdy I've got a goose stalking me at work!
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    Bird - Andreaw @andreawelch219 Replying to @Still Birdy These are the 13 turkeys ( 3 adult / 10 babies that have grown) terrorizing our neighborhood.
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    Rectangle - BLACK TZEDEK @BlackTzedek Replying to @Still_Birdy My mom and I got chased by some when she was pregnant. They're mean AF. Just give them what they want. 11:17 PM · Sep 4, 2021 - Twitter for Android
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    Forehead - ms. alexis grotke a @onlylalexis ... Replying to @Still_Birdy Girl when I was 12, this momma duck jumped me and pecked my head and back for saying hello to her baby chicks. Stared me down then charged me. 0:02 1.3K views Twitr @Mohamedjellit
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    Forehead - Loki Variant From The Hood ... @Alyricz Replying to @Still_Birdy Maybe you didn't.. Pay your bills GIF 9:12 PM Sep 4, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 72 Retweets 5 Quote Tweets 2,793 Likes
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    Organism - APM Vick @itsdamone Replying to @Alyricz and @Still Birdy This was very fowl of you 11:49 PM - Sep 4, 2021 - Twitter for Android 19 Retweets 1,272 Likes
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    Bird - MusicCityLove @MUSICCITYLOVE ... Replying to @Still Birdy and @Inquired Mind Hey! What's that stuffed with? What's your jacket stuffed with, motherf*cker? 12:25 AM · Sep 5, 2021 Twitter for iPhone 340 Retweets 24 Quote Tweets 4,678 Likes lDr.Vagimir
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    Smile - Be Patient, Brother ... @chris ambition Replying to @Still Birdy and @ltsTheBrandi "We ain't gon jump you, come outside" 10:16 PM - Sep 4, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 165 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 4,524 Likes
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    Product - Milkshake .... @davdbest Replying to @Still Birdy i am the one who quacks
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    Bird - turner joy lynch @turnerjoylynch Replying to @Still Birdy ok but why did he put on his luchador mask for that
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    Font - MYMOM Sue BEST MWM @suzmac33 Replying to @Still _Birdy My older brother and sister loaded my pockets with duck feed and took me to the river as a kid. I was attacked by geese, ducks, and Swans. This phobia is real. 3:34 PM · Sep 5, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone

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