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Slide Into The Week With Some Funny Penguin Memes

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    Bird - Say something smart, Kowalski. If you think about it, erasers slowly die for your mistakes made with mematic

    So is this what they're teaching kids these days? No, but seriously, the penguin low-key has a point there! Erasers, white out pens, maybe even pencils, depending on how you think about it. So happy back to school I guess?

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    Font - When you're listening to someone speak and you can feel yourself zoning out

    Yet another meme that somehow feels very back-to-school themed to us. I mean who hasn't felt like this in the middle of calculus class? Zoning out, or zooming out? Either way, we hope somebody helps this poor penguin to snap out of it!

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    Bird - Say something smart, Kowalski Every mirror you buy is used made with mematic
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    Bird - I swear these are the only things that can break into Area 51. Imade with mematic
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    Bird - Say something smart, Kowalski Having a fan on and being bundled up in blankets is better than having no blankets with the fan off
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    Penguin - @nontelescopic fun facts about PENGUINS - penguins are not actually birds. they are gods - a group of penguins is called "a group of penguins" - penguins live in antarctica because of their war crimes. - in the 1970s, penguins were the first species to develop teeth - legally, a penguin is allowed to own a gun.
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    Facial expression - Say something smart, Kowalski. Coffee is just bean soup
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    Font - Marques Brownlee @MKBHD 2h The more you know, the more you know you don't know The more you know you don't know, the more you don't know you know you don't know 487 27 1.7K 13.2K ITACHI @gs099m Replying to @MKBHD This does not change the fact that in Antarctica there are 21 million penguins and in Malta there are 502,653 inhabitants. So if the penguins decide to invade Malta, each Maltese will have to fight 42 penguins 8:28 am 4 Apr 2021 · Twitter for Android
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    Bird - Say something smart, Kowalski Happiness is not a gap that needs to be filled. You must find happiness within yourself first : :
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    Cheezburger Image 9635129344
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    Vertebrate - Say something smart, Kowalski. We forget about dreams when we enter reality, but we also forget about reality when we enter dreams
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    Bird - Say something smart, Kowalski 6x9+6+9=69

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