Rescued Bat Chowing Down On A Banana (Video)

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We adore these videos! Meet Mr. Belgraves, a rescued bat that is very hungry and frightened. 

Batzilla the Bat informs viewers of how Mr. Belgraves came to be at their rescue,  "Mr Belgrave was rescued by Paul last night after accidentally wedging his thumb between two palings on a fence. This happens more often than we might think and unfortunately for Mr Belgrave, he was trapped on the fence for at least two days. He may have fallen from an overhanging branch or perhaps he had been making his way along the fence in search of his dinner. Now in care albeit with a very sore grazed thumb, Belgrave will heal up fine before being released back to the wild."

We're so grateful to hear he's in good and loving hands and will be released as soon as he's all healed up! In the meantime, enjoy this adorable sky puppy chowing down on a delicious banana! 

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