I Can Has Cheezburger?

Paws And Take A Look At Pets Twinning With Their Humans

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    "My dog Leonard and I dressed in matching outfits to propose to my fiancé (his idea). If you look closely, you can see his black tie. We’re both elated she said yes!"


    Awwwww, what could be cuter than this story and the photo that goes with it? We're pretty sure this proposal will go down in history as one of the cutest things ever. Just look at that dog, clearly he's rehearsed this with his human a million times!

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    Glasses - Lo V atentine @LoValentine_ Spent my night making matching outfits for me and my dog

    Nothin' to see here, just a girl and her dog thriving. The outfits? Handmade. The models? A girl and her dog. The fabric? Galaxy. The smiles? Priceless. We love to see it.

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    "My dad got matching outfits with our dog for his birthday and it's adorable"

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    Photograph - Whoa City @whoacity My brother and my cat have matching outfits
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    Outerwear - Mahala Gutierrez @MahalaBruce Replying to @allisarose Me and my son
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    "My son likes to put together his outfits in the morning. Today he decided to make the dog match him."

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    Dog - Cookie @ayeyocookie Matching socks with my boy
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    "Matching PJs with my dog"

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    Smile - Online Jackal @pet_symatary How drunk are you? Enough to dress my cat up as a skeleton in our matching outfits 多!
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    Clothing - Homo SLAYpien @Homo_SLAYpien ... What part of quarantine are you guys at? I just made a matching outfit for me and my neighbors dog...
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    Dog - Nicole Wallace @93NicoleWallace I bought my dog a matching turtleneck and I just don't know how I have a boyfriend
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    Dog - vader ... @elizabethdre_ Matching socks w my good boy
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    Smile - Maggie Clark @maggiejclark bi dog mom energy is buying matching rainbow outfits for you and your dog (yes this is my coming out tweet. happy pride month, y'all!)
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    Vertebrate - elizatit @Lahizzz The weird looks from strangers while wearing a matching outfit with my dog were 100% worth every second

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