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Twitter Thread: Fancy Feline In Tuxedo Is The Ringbearer For Human's Epic Wedding

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    Plant - richard scott larson @larsonrichard Home from a wedding where my job was to escort the ring bearer O

    Here we see Moose the cat, wearing a beautiful tuxedo, calmly perched inside of a stroller-like animal carrying case. This adorable baby knows that all eyes are on him. We love his outfit, especially that salmon colored bowtie. Have you ever seen a more dapper ringbearer?

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    Forehead - Benny Lee Lost @Bennyleelost Replying to @larsonrichard So that's what Lord Grantham is up to these days. 7:39 PM · Sep 6, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Font - richard scott larson @larsonrichard The other cat was very jealous as we loaded him up

    Moose wasn't the only kitty who took part in the wedding. This is his sister Lily, looking very jealous of Moose's ring bearer set up. Not to worry, Lily ended up being the flower girl for the wedding! Scroll to the bottom to see Lily's amazing outfit for the ceremony.

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    Cat - mincee7 @MagnoCee Replying to @larsonrichard I mean... look at her, she's looks like she's ready to burn the place down 9:15 AM · Sep 7, 2021 · Twitter for Android
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    Vertebrate - RIZE | SkreamnRedSkull @SkreamnR3dSkull Replying to @larsonrichard and @TheScreamshine The villain, arriving to the mysterious party he secretly invited the heroes to: Ny'ello
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    Motor vehicle - nursemarisa @marisaalbanese Replying to @larsonrichard Same energy
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    Font - OKAYA BAD Laura Walthall @WalthallLaura Replying to @larsonrichard That is the most Downton Abbey looking catI've ever seen. Does he walk his property every morning, with a stop at the vicar's cottage for tea and their daily cribbage match before retiring to his study to catch up on correspondence with his solicitor?
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    Light - Sappen @Sappen5 · 16h Replying to @larsonrichard “Ah. The commoners."
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    World - !\/!L]X @MuKOOL_ · Sep 6 Replying to @larsonrichard
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    Cat - Sarah ... @cookiepusher Replying to @larsonrichard Speak meow or forever hold your реаce...
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    "Lazy day with grandpa while our humans are on their honeymoon."


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