I Can Has Cheezburger?

Heroic Cats Saving Humans From Terrifying Bugs (ICanHasCheezburger Edition)

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    Font - Top Fan Jeffrey Small A really large moth the size of a hummingbird flew in our bedroom one evening. I wasn't worried and let it be but my wife didn't like it. A little while later our new kitten came in, jumped up and swatted it to the ground and ran off with it. She is my wife's hero now. D9 14 Like · Reply · Message 3d

    How in the world did you make a story about a kitten pouncing on a bug heartwarming? Now, we can only see this itty bitty kitty running full speed into the room with the Superman theme song playing in a background, cape flapping behind it, capturing this moth mid-air and saving this person's wife. We're obsessed. 

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    Handwriting - Monica Cutler My black cat is a Good Boy and likes to alert me to the presence of spiders. He won't kill them, he just akakakaks at them until I notice so I can kill it. That's all I need. 22 Like · Reply · Message - 3d

    You know, we respect that actually. We would not want to touch the spider either, honestly. But we do appreciate the spider warning, having it there and not knowing about it is somehow worst than knowing it's there and having to smash it. So, thank you, cat.

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    Rectangle - Lindsey Owen My cat Tempest, is the best bug catcher. I came from work and she immediately brought me over to the mat at the backdoor to show off the three spiders she caught while I was gone. She got extra treats that day. Like · Reply Message 1d
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    Mirror - Pernille Ayres The experts, hard at work.. Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Maggie Stafford My cat carries bugs around to play with and then has the nerve to get mad when I squish them in the middle of playtime. Like sorry Ziva, i dont want the waterbug running around anymore thank you very much. 6. Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Cat - Talia Tidge-Sarah West I've been known to lift Lottie up to the ceiling, spiderpig style, to assist in her bug hunts. She thanks me by dumping them on my bed in the middle of the night Like · Reply · Message 3d
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    Font - Alexandre Yaworski My cat gets out of the room when I swat a fly. She doesn't want to see it. Simply picking up the swatter can get her to leave the room. I even heard her grumble about the killing once. If she catches a moth, she will try to get it outside, carrying them in her mouth without hurting them. I even saw her catch the same moth 3 times because she was so gentle with it, it coud escape her mouth. 4 Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Human body - Holly Davis My cat sits up like a meerkat, reaches up with both paws, and claps them together to try to catch moths Like · Reply Message 3d
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    Rectangle - Tiffany Neukomm My cat will play with it until it quits moving on its own then come cry at me to "fix" it. it's like Johnny 5 "disassemble " every time a cricket gets in the house. Like · Reply · Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Rebecca Shappell My cat caught, killed, and ate a 4-inch grasshopper when she was 10 months old. Punched her sister in the face when she tried to sniff it. Threw up for the first time in her life a 12 Like Reply Message 3d
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    Font - Taryn Colmenares One day a centipede was scurrying fast along the wall and my cat came running to it. I yelled not by the bed not by the bed and of course the cat swatted it-- onto my bed/pillows. I dug like crazy into my bed and moved it. He didn't find the bug after even though we searched together while I moved everything. Literally the only bug I cannot stand Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Human body - Lana Wegner My girl, Gonzo, has way better luck catching moths than I do so I pick her up and take her to the moths in the house. She snatches em and eats em. Like · Reply Message 2d
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    Rectangle - Kallye Berry My cat accidentally chomped a stinkbug, I've never seen a cat spit something out so fast. Another time was when i was at my in-laws' and i saw a silverfish on the floor, i looked at their cat (who used to be a stray) and said "look buddy" to which he got up and just licked it up. Like Reply · Message 2d
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    Cat - Sarah Thompson When she was a kitten Musketeer was a moth hunting specialist. She LOVED hunting and eating them. If they flew up to the ceiling and she couldn't get them she would call out her hunting cry and I would have to lift her up so she could reach them. We actually had a bad moth problem in my mom's house at one point and Musketeer *solved that shit*. Now that she's an old lady she can't be bothered to hunt, even if I point out a bug that's right in front of her. She just does not
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    Eye - Debra Greer Haas My cat didn't eat bugs - she slapped them to make them run around until all their legs were broken. 4 Like · Reply Message 3d

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