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Doggy Grooming Fails: Doggos Who Got Bad Haircuts, But Are Making It Work

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    Dog - alijah @alijahkpatt this dog's bad haircut has made me laugh the hardest I've laughed in a while so here you go

    We propose a new name for this pawfect pupper, the cloud dog. He's white, he's fluffy, he's a little bit lumpy, what name could be more fitting than 'cloud dog'? At least the good boy seems pretty ok with his haircut. It can't be easy to rock a style like that, but gosh darn it, he sure is pulling it off nicely. 

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    Dog - Dami Lee @dami_lee The groomer messed up my dog's haircut pretty, pretty bad and now he looks like Larry David

    Wow, poodle Larry David sure is adorable! Does he look like he does stand up comedy? Yes he does. Is that more of a positive then his owner thinks? It sure is. After all, who wouldn't want an old bald doggo? Every doggo is beautiful!

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    Dog - tay e(iuí)9 @foodiscool SO The groomer messed up and went a liiittle too short on his body- And now it looks like his face goT PAINTED OVER AND ITS SO FUNNY Happy #Munday everyone
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    Dog - hachi @НАСHIНАСHWEE I bit groomer and he moved while cutting my hair and it messed my hair up now I ugly!!!!!! #goMe !!!!! #stronghachi
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    Dog - Sarah Waldorf @SarahMWaldorf it's taken me five months to process my dog's bad haircut but l'm finally feeling ready enough to share
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    Cat - Paulina Ganucheau @PlinaGanucheau The groomer messed up cutting Joey's hair and now she has a circle head. ee
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    Dog - Ashanti @clifftothemound The groomer messed up my poodles cut. He has a damn bob. He looks like he is about to ask to speak to the district manager. #dogsoftwitter
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    Dog breed - brandEn. @brandenl00 They messed up my moms dogs hair at the groomer and he looks like he hates his life
  • 9
    Dog - chels X @chelssmarie_ I was taking these and realized the groomer kinda messed up today the patch but he still the cutest punkin in
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    Cat - Chris Burnham ... @TheBurnham The groomer f ed up our cat and now he looks like some kind of Dr. Seuss creature.
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    Dog - David Slack @slack2thefuture For the first time ever, I gave my dog a haircut. It went about how you would have expected.
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    Dog - Kellen Arnold @kel_arn Dog groomer fı d up...my beautiful child....

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