I Can Has Cheezburger?

Itty Bitty Halloween-y Bats: Funny Memes, Cute Pics And Facts

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    How can people ever look at this thing and think that it's not one of the cutest animals out there? Look at it. It's waving at you. Will you not wave back? Are you evil? No, they're evil, they are the creatures of the night, they demand respect, love, and many waves. Also, they are adorable, have we mentioned that yet?

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    Brown - When you are the night but also are very cute

    Have we? Because we need to reiterate. Look, even when they are not waving at you, they are still the cutest in the world. If you can look at this smile on its itty bitty face and somehow hold yourself off from smiling too, then we do not even understand you. 

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    Forehead - Humans: *have night vision goggles* Cats: *have night vision eyes* Bats: (SCREAMING)
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    Product - Adamned Cerious @Browtweaten do bats wear glasses like this or this 9:21 PM · 2020-10-09 · Twitter for Android 1,326 Retweets 52 Quote Tweets 12.4K Likes
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    Photograph - Humans: Use flashlights to navigate in the dark Owls: Use their eyes Bats:
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    Product - Dr Amy W Schwartz @lizardschwartz Sorry my email is late, it takes my assistant some time to type a reply. Po d end ins 2:08 PM · 05 Aug 21 · Twitter for Android ...
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    Cat - Bat World Sanctuary Bat World Saneruary @batworld Long week? Junebug the Pallid bat recommends an end of the week scream. It'll help. #Junebug 4:18 PM 02 Apr 21 · Twitter for Android
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    Jaw - Rob N Roll @thegallowboob No one: Nature: gave you bats, gave you cotton, how about a cotton ball bat? 12:42 PM · 3/26/21 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Mouth - Northern ghost bats are grumpy cotton balls
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    Textile - Her: What happened to all the popcorn? Me:
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