I Can Has Cheezburger?

Precious Pets Who Are Proud To Be Part Of The Family

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    Awww! Something about the dog's expression makes us just know that this doggo is keeping the baby safer than anyone else could. He has such a calm, trusting face, it's clear he's taking good care of the adorable baby. Such a cute duo!

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    Product - Gary M Cole, EdD @garymcole ... My son Graduated from #TexasTech this weekend and our puppy dog Fergie was excited to be there to support him. Congratulations Connor. Uniteu TE Connor Reese Cole Connor Reese Cole Callge al Meda a Communication, Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies College of Media & Communication, Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY COMMENCEMENT
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    Smile - Ryan Brutger @ryan_brutger Kids are napping and my pup decided it's time for me to stop reading. l'm okay with this :)

    Such a good boy! Making sure that his human doesn't miss out on some fun in the sun, not to mention fetch. Now if only it were possible to teach doggos to bark when we've gotten too much screen time for the day. That would be so cool!

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    Wheel - jem. @blairwaldorf_ this photo makes me very happy stroller and the puppy stroller pati the baby HE SHE? lWtat vwill
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    Personal computer - ROCKET LEAGUE TETS 99 OLY
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    Dog - Zach O'Connell @NOgoodIRISHMEN Pup napping with future kid!
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    Arm - Emily Winn EF @e_hutch Also here's a cute pic of my kid napping with a cat to brighten your day. A literal cat nap.
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    Photograph - P. Cundick @pcundick Just felt like my followers needed this photo from Saturday of my son and our dog, on this Monday morning.
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    Photograph - DynastyCLE @DynastyCLE Guys, my wife had a custom book made for my son and our dog I can't! fa PÄWSÖME Adventurés or JAMES & ZEKE OHIO STA BIUCKEYE

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