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Brilliant Birb Memes That Will Quack You Up

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    Clothing - Bird logic Male Female

    Honestly, it took us an embarrassingly long time to get this one. Clearly, we haven't stared at the plumage of male parrots for long enough lately. But if you, like us, are having a little trouble understanding this one, perhaps try googling 'how to tell the difference between a male and female parrot'.

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    Photograph - wot the heck, human BETRAYAL IT COLD

    Awww, look at this feathery guy! His face conveys a range of emotions: betrayal, shock, anger, and perhaps even a tinge of desire to seek revenge. We're sorry that this little guy had to feel a cold stethoscope, but if anything, it was definitely for his own good.

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    Bird - Syndactyl feet users ZYGODACTYL FEET ENJOYERS
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    Bird - He's a rebel and he'll never be any good He's a rebel 'cause he never ever does what he should
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    Bird - Me My paycheck Student Loans
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    Bird - IT HAS BEEN DAYS SINCE I BIT SOMEONE I'll f n do it again
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    Bird - I miss sh tt ng on people
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    Musical instrument - Hey, name's Cheddar and I make money move
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    Bird - Good *inhales Mooorniiing!!!!
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    Bird - Rob N Roll ... @thegallowboob can't get over how shit some piegeons are at making nests
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    Bird - Frank & Stein ... @psa10memes Why does this bird look like my Highschool art teacher?
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    World - Adult birds Food Baby birds


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