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Spooktober: Smol Black Cat Loves Her Matching Blankie

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    Cat - autumn @pumpkibu she's excited because she matches her new blankie

    Did you know that many animal shelters have trouble finding homes for their black cats? This is because there are some superstitions that black cats are bad luck. But we sure don't believe in those, we believe black cats are some of the sweetest, most loving cats ever! 

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    Here's a closeup of the fabric:


    Here's a closeup on the awwdorable fabric that was chosen for this blanket! Look at the teeny tiny cats with teeny tiny pumpkins. We're going to need to buy some of this fabric ourselves, it's just too cute, and perfect for Spooktober!

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    Cat - rat dad @dangerdaysthetr @shiftrees she looks just like my girl
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    Cat - *boowomp sound effect* (em) @cannibalcanis @shiftrees Getting one immediately for my baby!!
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    Cat - pixie * @luvlemondemon @cannibalcanis @shiftrees looks just like my baby :)
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    Cat - magenta and edward scissorhands sha. @takahashiputa @shiftrees goth kitties unite, she loves her skelton kitty plush
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    Cat - Tunnel Safety Commissioner @TheTunnelSafety @shiftrees Reminds me of my cutie a such big eyes! God n
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    Cat - SaffronBurke @Sweet Saffron @TheTunnelSafety @shiftrees I also have a large-eyed Halloween cat!
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    Cat - Totalhobknocker @Totalhobknocker @shiftrees My cat perfers to be goth light, or tuxedo up all the time
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    Cat - Mysty @just_mysty @shiftrees
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    Cat - @jpgmaven @shiftrees @mariejomaks This is my baby Salem he would love that blanket
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    Cat - LauralozzyLovesLife @LozzyLovesLife @jpgmaven @shiftrees @mariejomaks Aww he looks like my bear
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    Cat - arden (they/she) @birdsofpaper @shiftrees Dis my Olive! Yours is adorable and I LOVE the blanket ANVIS
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    Cat - autumn e @pumpkibu olive says thank u for all of the likes frens!!!! ^••^

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