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Twitter Thread: Husband Disposes Of Window Spider That Wife Thought Was 'Perfect For Halloween'

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    Font - Sydney Battle @SydneyBattle ... my parents are fighting bc my mom was letting a big spider live in the kitchen window bc he's "perfect for halloween" and my dad killed it 12:57 AM - Oct 7, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 18.4K Retweets 2,370 Quote Tweets 251.1K Likes

    Look, Halloween is spooky season, and most people perceive spiders to be spooky. It makes complete and total sense that a spider could be perfect for Halloween. We are 100% on team mom here, folks.

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    Font - Sydney Battle @SydneyBattle ... unclear on if she informed anyone else of her plans for the spider 1:28 AM - Oct 7, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 77 Retweets 2 Quote Tweets 9,967 Likes

    Did she really need to? Does she owe anyone an explanation? It's spooky season y'all, SPOOKY, SEASON. That means creepy crawlies, eerie decorations, spider webs all over the place, toilet paper on houses, the whole nine yards. 

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    Font - Sydney Battle @SydneyBattle unclear on if the spider was outside the window or inside and i'm not sure if that changes anything 5:07 AM - Oct 7, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 56 Retweets 5 Quote Tweets 7,658 Likes
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    Font - Sydney Battle @SydneyBattle ... i am begging you to stop posting ur spider paraphernalia in the comments. if you're thinking "ok well she probably wants to see MY spider though" i promise u i DO NOT. do that elsewhere 6:57 PM - Oct 7, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 35 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 3,317 Likes
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    Font - Sydney Battle @SydneyBattle the rule with my viral spider tweets is DO NOT post pics of spiders in the replies plz i don't feel like getting nausea 6:47 AM - Oct 7, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 36 Retweets 4,998 Likes
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    Font - Jennie Dusheck, MA @solenodon Replying to @SydneyBattle My ex and I had a biggish spider in a window. He used to feed it flies (he hated flies with a passion). We spoke kindly to the spider and joked about our pet. I grew attached to the spider. Then one day he killed it. Later, he wanted to get a puppy. I said no. 5:55 AM - Oct 7, 2021 - Twitter Web App 59 Retweets 17 Quote Tweets 4,027 Likes
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    Font - Tommy St. John @TommyStJohnny Replying to @SydneyBattle When I was a TA I had a student that came to me in tears right after a class she had just missed because her boyfriend had killed a big spider in their apartment. Apparently she had named it (cant remember what) and they had a "rule" that they couldn't kill animals that had names 6:15 AM - Oct 7, 2021 - Twitter Web App
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    Font - Tommy St. John @TommyStJohnny Replying to @TommyStJohnny and @SydneyBattle She asked me if I could give her credit for attendance and I told her that I would if she came to the other discussion I had later in the day. She dropped the class and I never saw her again after this interaction. I think she was going through some stuff.. 6:56 AM - Oct 7, 2021 - Twitter Web App
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    Font - father i crave cheddar @spooptilyoupoop Replying to @DoNOtEat and @SydneyBattle can you imagine getting purposefully smashed by an unfathomably large titan just for being seen? 7:13 AM - Oct 7, 2021 - Twitter for Android 70 Retweets 21 Quote Tweets 2,021 Likes
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    Light - Mass KonFuzion ... @mass konfuzion Replying to @NickFrostBascom and @SydneyBattle Definitely allowed this one to live because I didn't want to be haunted by its ghost if I killed it
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    Arthropod - Nick Bascom @NickFrostBascom Replying to @SydneyBattle We didn't use that door for weeks so Peter could do his thing.
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    Brown - Tito's mini xmas sweater for TX Gov ... @Anthony78748 Replying to @SydneyBattle We have three large orb weavers living on our patio, my wife told me that I am no longer allowed any more spider friends.
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    Product - maggie moo boo * ... @Maggiemoo_914 Replying to @SydneyBattle Let this spider live because their good works were abundant.

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