I Can Has Cheezburger?

Pupper Medley: Compilation of Marvelous Doggo Memes and Tweets

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    Flower - How to tum a bad situation into a good one

    Wait a sec, would this also work with hooman clothing? Hmm… We're not sure that it's socially acceptable to attend work or university in a giant yellow flower costume but then again, Halloween is just around the corner… So maybe this is a pretty practical piece of advice to give after all. 

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    Rectangle - if your day is bad always remember this happy little dog who thought this parade was just for him

    Don't rain on this smol pupper's pawmazing parade! Look at this little guy, strutting his stuff for the entire crowd to see. We love his confidence, work it pupper! But seriously, even if the parade wasn't created just for him, we're pretty sure that this adorable doggo was the highlight of every parade-goer's day.

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    Organism - Blue Sapphire @Bluesap26 Can we skip to the part where l'm wearing my husband's t-shirt flipping pancakes in a pretty house with a good job and two big dogs
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    Dog - Are you today's date? Because you're 10/10
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    Dog - melissa lozada-oliva @ellomelissa my mom is fostering a dog that was originally named Khaleesi but told her to call her Casual Lisa M We have conversations
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    Dog - I Me My younger sibling doing something because I am
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    Font - Afrosabi - or Yvette @afrosabi Because I have absolutely no sense.... I just woke my dogs up from a dead sleep to give them treats because they looked so cute a a They didn't mind one bit s s S
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    Dog - PETS @pets468 Tiger Doggo Real or Fake ? 355 mleBorLES
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    Dog - Patriot Troy @PilotTroy He has to stop and sniff every storm drain, it's like he's looking for the clown from IT. Anybody else have a pupper that does this?
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    Dog - AdsDogCharlie @AdsDogCharlie I'm waiting patiently for my scrambles. They are just cooling down.
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    Product - Caroline Rhea @CarolineRhea I just accidentally ate my sisters dogs medicine which was in peanut butter. I have brushed my teeth 400 times and peed on the lawn twice. #HappyCanadianThanksgiving
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    Dog - when you're caught in the act

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