20+ Facepalm-Filled Moments From the Stupid Side of Humanity

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    Rethink this

    Projection screen - Septa Ch IS SLAVERY ALWAYS BAD? Pros: Cons: Slaves would be beneficial for some companies due to faster work performance Not all slaves are treated with neglect • Most slaves have food, ahelter, and clothing Slavery can be viewed as an opportunity to pay off debt Slaves were sometimes harshly beaten Slaves have littde to no freedom Pamilies may be separated Slavery goes againat human righ LDA
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    Beth refuses the free 80 cents

    Font - Beth Talk Temecula 6 mins · E Have you ever been to a restaurant that does not give you the change when you pay with cash? My bill we $47.20, I gave the waitress $100. and she only gave me back $53.00. I called over the manager(which was our waitress). She said we don't usually carry change. I told her to give my $100.00 back and l'll pay with a credit card. Eighty cents would not kill me but it's the principle, If they do this to everyone that pays cash, over a year that could be a lot o
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    "What a terrible day to be literate"

    Gesture - iowa state is a wet fart @mattisb.. ·9h IM SORRY WHAT When your bestie is called to soak in a BYU dorm and you have to jump hump for her 38.5K 57 27 593 1,455 Ute Shasta Trailer @61_Shasta · 4h Can someone translate this into English? ♡ 107 Well king rat has me on his list ag.. 3h Some Mormon teens have convinced themselves that putting a penis in a vagina and then not moving is not sex. That's called soaking. Jump humping is when you get someone to jump on the bed next to you soaking
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    Love to see clickbait get owned

    Shorts - Follow There's no better way to get in shape than to prepare for a triathlon. (This guy'll tell you): Following I'm that guy and no I won't tell you that 13
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    Font - Actually received this resumé today Work Experience Honestly, not much because I just graduated but please see below: Game of Thrones Expert - Binge watched entire series in one weekend - Stared at screen so long went blind in one eye -Only left couch to use bathroom and get snacks April 17th, 2011-Present Stranger Things Expert - Watched each season in two days -Created RIP Barb fan page on Facebook that now has 25,000 followers -Efficiently used ex's Netflix login without being caught J
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    Try reading. You might like it.

    Hair - priscilla page . @BBW_BFF but that's..that's the book. that's what the book is about The Sun Follow OTheSun Snowflake students claim Frankenstein's monster was 'misunderstood' – and is in fact a VICTIM -
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    The War on Avocados

    Forehead - 3 California men arrested for illegal sale of avocados totaling more than $300K. Ghost @KillianTrill Theres like people getting murdered and yall out here arresting fucking avocado dealers
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    Poor people are always wasting money on things like food and rent

    Product - Give $600 to a poor person & it's gone in a week. Give $600 to a rich person & it's multiplied 10X in a few years or less. 10:24 AM Dec 22, 2020 2.1K Replying to Here lemme fix that for you. "Give $600 to someone with no money and they have no choice but to use it to survive. Give $600 to someone whose needs are already fully met, and they can sit on it all they want." FFS are we really this dense?
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    "America in one picture"

    Face - Single mom arrested for 'abandoning' her kids at food court while interviewing for job 30 feet away TOM BOGGIONI 18 JUL 2015 AT 1204 ET Faotak mK + Me a DAILY New York Daily News NEWS * Follow @NYDailyNews "We made a mistake": Former Arizona TV personalities avoid jail time after cocaine was found in their baby's system
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    Hmm, I wonder why no one wants to go to her wedding

    Font - in Yesterday at 9:55am - e At the risk of sounding entitled... I have to vent today. When we invited our friends and family to our destination wedding in Thailand, only 9 people RSVPS. Out of 150!!! Ok, I get it, paying $3k to share my special day is too much for some of you, I'd pay for yours, but whatever. BUT then, when we changed the wedding to be in Hawaii, so it's within everyone's reach, only 7 of you RSVPD??? It costs less but less of you wanna come?! Is that what you think of $2k
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    Karen living up to her name

    Font - The children at my son's elementary school have started referring to me as a "Karen," and mocking my chic hairstyle. Is there anything I can do in the way of legal action to prevent this? I am deeply offended. Hannah Yesterday at 3:42pm e Welp, posting a question about suing 8 year-olds is probably the wrong way to beat the stereotype Like · Comment Share
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    Big woosh!

    Rectangle - Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective FOR THE LAST TIME, FRANKENSTEIN WAS THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR .a doctor who built a body.
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    Fellas, is it gay to have heterosexual sex?

    Font - Facesitting, cowgirl, and any other position with the woman on top are fundamentally acts of homosexuality. The male, by being in a sexually submissive position, is engaging in homosexual activity, and conversely, the woman being in a dominant position is engaging in lesbianics. hard truths
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    Smells like bait, but good comeback

    Font - No English word has double "oo" except Good prove me wrong? 944K 551K Comments 3.7K Shares O Like Comment Share Book, try reading one
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    "Marriage is a business" how romantic

    Font - Friday at 9:51 AM · 0 Stop disrespecting these women and asking them to marry you with these 1ct rings. If you cannot afford a ring (3ct. or better [approx $3,500]), you cannot afford a wife It's bigger than being materialistic. It's about being able to see with your third eye. It's about being able to read in between the lines. Marriage is a business, whether y'all like it or not heads up with the, "happily ever after," phrase. You cannot start a business without some type of financial b
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    What was the tactic there?

    Organism - @ Sat through a horrible job interview for an hour then the guy was like “btw, this only pays 30k so if you're looking for a job that pays better, look elsewhere" so I said “ok I will" then he was like "?? wait no" Imao this was hours ago and I still feel incredible 1:40 PM · 9/15/21 · Twitter for iPhone 375 Retweets 16 Quote Tweets 10.1K Likes
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    Just rub it in why don't ya

    Property - This is Joel Osteen's house. Joel doesn't pay taxes. Joel received over 4 million in aid. You got $600.
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    Always remember to think before you post

    Font - RICH people have small TVs and big libraries POOR people have small libraries and big TVs Rich ppl literally have in-home theaters. Please stop lying.
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    Failed state

    Font - Keri Blakinger @keribla Remember the Texas prisoner who sued for a cotton blanket because he was allergic to the prison's blankets and officials refused to give him a cotton one instead? I got records showing the state spent >$20,000 fighting his case instead of giving him a blanket. DATE O/10/21 TIME: 0OSii OFFICE OF TE ATTORNEY GENERAL LEGAL BILLISG - SUeRE or SEVICES PROVIDED STATEMENT DATESI July 2018 T June 2021 (Last Aetivity July 2020) CASE: Cesassasao DIVISION LAN ENPORCOENT DEFEN
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    This T-rex is deeply offensive to Karens

    Land vehicle - Please help! This McDonald's has this dinosaur and refuse to remove it! This is in Tucson, Arizona. Call the manager and demand the removal of this blasphemy! Their phone number is (520)| They're located at Rd, Tucson, AZ 85715
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    "No cons detected"

    Font - For those that work remote: what are the pros and cons? Pros: sleeping in, showering on my own time, no traffic, peace and quiet, running errands in spare time, taking my life back, not being overly tied to my work Cons: people making up articles about wanting to return to office
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    Sometimes it's not that deep

    Font - My 5 year old niece saw the blue deer on my shirt and was like "awww it's a boy deer!" I took the opportunity to be like "Or it can be a girl deer! Girls like blue too, Olivia" She stared at me and was like "I said it's a boy because it has antlers." Take my degree away now. 215 7 comments • 7 shares O Like Comment Share When you're trying to be woke but your kids are actually awake. 7m Haha Reply 20
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    Someone's never been to a birthday party

    White - Bernie Sanders should be forced to give away 90% of his birthday cake. #HappyBirthdayBernie 10:45 AM 9/8/19 · Twitter for Android 75 Retweets 233 Likes Replying to This is how birthday cakes work when you have friends. 24


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