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Cat Helps Man Ask Out His Crush: Pure Wholesomeness Ensues

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    Font - | (32M) befriended a coworker (31M) we have been friends for around three years. He is very outgoing and has many friends, so I assume he is just a nice guy and isn't interested in me the same way I am with him. Still, we get coffee every Tuesday and Thursday morning and interact outside of work. Examples of this are dinner, coffee, trivia, and general conversation.

    Wow, this is already off to a crazy start. Two people who are just friends but get coffee together twice a week for three years straight? That's kinda crazy, honestly… We wonder how long the original poster has had feelings for this guy for, it sounds like a prettttyy long time if you ask us.

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    Font - After we got to know each other a bit better and truly became friends he had the privilege to meet my cat, who's name is Prince. He is an orange tabby cat with a lot of fur and fluff. My friend instantly starting fawning over him and talking about and showing me pictures of his old cat named Pinto Bean who tragically passed away five years ago.

    Aww, Prince! We looove orange tabby cats, this boy sounds like a floofy cutie pie. If this guy likes cats, then it's already a great sign for the relationship. Read on to hear how Prince the cat basically planted the seeds for this pair to get together and start dating each other!

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    Font - Now onto the event in question. I recently went on a trip with my mother to visit some cousins out of state. We planned to be gone for about four days. I decided to ask my friend to pet sit since he loves Prince and unlike my other friend he is an experienced cat owner. I warned him about how I had some cameras in my house and he said he wasn't bothered by them and if I wanted to check in on how things are going that would be okay with him.
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    Font - I was very grateful for this and offered to pay however he said spending time with Prince was payment enough. So I gave him the rundown of Prince's schedule, where his food is, his favorite toys etc. I mentioned that if Prince is shedding and leaving a lot of hair around then he could brush him, only if he wanted to. He said he would but I still decided to give Prince a good brushing before I left.
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    Font - On the third day of the trip he texted me saying he was going to try and brush Prince. He loves being brushed and will roll over and let you even brush his tummy, but he has never been brushed by anyone other than me so I was a little worried. I tried to ignore it, but after a few minutes I decided to check on the camera to see how he was doing with him.
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    Font - I could see at the edge of the screen where they were sitting and could hear them easily. I only checked for a few seconds but that was all that was needed.
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    Smile - I am not sure wether it was the Lord or Satan that caused this coincidence but that is when I heard my friend say in-between his other compliments to Prince "Aww you're such a handsome boy, just like your daddy! Uh huh aren't you a handsome boy!"
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    Smile - My heart stopped hearing that. I still can't stop thinking about it. Does this mean anything? Could he possibly be attracted to me the same way I am to him? I know he is bisexual but perhaps I am being too hopeful and this is a normal thing to say to your friends cat. What would you do in my situation?
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    Eye - slothenhosen 7d ... Gosh all the time you spend together it seems like you are dating. You gotta officially ask him out. Please update.
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    Rectangle - Abieticacid 7d ... If you know he is bi then you should just ask him out and express that youre interested! If he says he doesnt feel the same then you just pretend it didnt happen and move on.
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    Font - Based off of the many comments I receivedI decided to take your advice and test the waters before deciding if I should ask him out. On Monday I went with basic compliments on his appearance, since I thought this would be the safest to do. He seemed very pleased especially since I complimented his hair as he was surprised because he "Didn't do much" to it that morning. He also complimented my outfit as well and said the color of my shirt suited me. This made me keep thinking about his comm
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    Font - Later I thought back on his responses and was pondering if I should ask him out or test the waters more. Someone suggested something physical like putting my hand on his arm. However, the thought of doing that made me so nervous I knewI wouldn't be able to execute it well.
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    Font - So I ended up taking a leap of faith and decided to ask him out. There are many encouraging comments saying I should do it. There are also others explaining that even if he rejects me then there is a high chance our friendship would stay intact. The only problem was wether or not I tell him about overhearing him on the camera.
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    Font - This is probably not what you all want to hear but in the end I decided to text him. I thought about the creative suggestions you commented but I realized a text would be the easiest to handle for the both of us if he rejected me. I tried not to come off too strong and just say that I have feelings for him and was wondering if he would like to go out with me sometime. In hindsight this was the best choice as while typing my message my hands were shaking. Silly as it is I also had to brief
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    Font - When he finally responded I felt like my heart was going to explode. I had to convince myself to look at his message. He responded saying "Of course, l'd love to!!"
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    Font - He then sent many other messages asking me if we should get dinner, if so where, what day, etc. I was still reeling over the fact he not only said yes but he said he would love to. I know it is strange to get hung up on his wording in a 5 word response. However he could have said "I would like that" or "that sounds fun" but no, he said he'd love to. It is cliche but I do feel as if my whole world has stopped. In my emotional state I went over and picked up Prince and showered him in kisse
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    Font - So that is the end of my update I am sorry for the length of it. All in all thank you all for convincing me to do something I felt like I would never have the courage to do. I never understood why so many people ask for advice on these things but I understand now.

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