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Tumblr Thread: Awwdorable Rescue Cat Learns To Meow

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    Font - sailorcuba the purest form of serotonin is when a cat looks at u and u go like "what?" and it meows at u

    Awww, this is so true! Here at ICanHas Cheezburger we've definitely experienced this first hand. Pets can be so expressive, it's crazy. In any event. it's important for cats and dogs to be able to express themselves to their hoomans anytime they need to, both for safety reasons and for pure cuteness reasons.

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    Human body - arborealgargoyle like, that is a very unspecific response I still have no idea what you want but I applaud how adorably you meowed all the same, well done

    Hahaha, this is so true! Honestly we love how random cats can be about why they're meowing? Are they hungry and want dinner, or is it simply an adorably kitty meowing at a bird outside of the window that they can't get to? In any event it's super awwdorable whenever we see a cat trying to communicate with us, that's for sure.

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    Font - arborealgargoyle This post led me to reminisce on the nature of cat's meowing, and I have a funny story
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    Font - I befriended a feral cat once who had spent her life in the forest without human interaction. I was worried about her because she had a paw damaged from an old injury and was emaciated but obviously nursing kittens that were hidden away somewhere. It took me weeks of putting out food and sitting across the yard every evening for her
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    Organism - to trust me even a little and when she decided we were friends and she expected dinner every night she started coming to my door and trying to call for me in the evening, but she didn't meow. Why would she? Cats only meow naturally as kittens when their vocal chords/ears aren't fully developed, adult cats communicate with vocalizations that aren't audible to humans. She probably tried
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    Font - one I always responded to- a horrible yowling growl that she had made at me when we first encountered each other in the forest. Except once we were friends she would make this noise while purring and rubbing affectionately against a nearby tree or the porch railing (because she didn't want to touch me yet). This understandably freaked my family members out but I was touched that she had taken the time to find a way to basically yell FUCK OFF in an affectionate way.
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    Product - Fast forward to when she finally trusts me enough to bring her hidden kittens out of the forest to me, long story short I gained their trust and put them in this big pen, that I had previously used to keep chickens in, so they'd be safe and to keep her from having another litter. Except she was already secretly pregnant again! (Fix your pets,
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    Organism - guys, they make SO many babies) and ended up having her new babies in this pen. I kept my distance, sitting on the outside once they were born until she seemed comfortable enough to let me come inside. The kittens were a bit wild, hissing viscously at me as soon as they opened their eyes, but they warmed up to me. There
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    Font - were four of them and soon they all wanted to be the center of attention during the twice daily play sessions. l'd be playing with one and another would meow insistently behind me and l'd immediately answer them and give them love, teaching them that humans could be friends that answer their needs- making them adoptable once they were weaned. Mama cat (Artie) would just
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    Product - watch me play with them, and I guess she was doing some thinking because one day when they were about a month old I was playing with them and one meowed behind me. I was confused because I hadn't realized there was a kitten behind me and when I turned, there wasn't. The only cat there was Artie looking at me really
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    Organism - intensely. I turned back around to the kittens and I heard the meow again, I turned back to Artie and responded in the way I always did with the kittens "yes baby?" And she meowed again in an exact imitation of her kittens! After that she would.not.shut.up. It was like she had cracked some kind of code, meowing for attention and snacks and just to say hi. Her two older kittens, the ones she'd had
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    Organism - in the forest, had never meowed at me either but started to once they saw how I responded to their mom. and I find it endlessly fascinating because before that it had never occurred to me that cats only meow at humans because they were taught by other cats to keep meowing past kittenhood because that's the best way to get a human's attention.
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    Facial expression - Imagine befriending some weird giant with the wrong number of legs that you met in the forest who seems nice enough but doesn't seem to be able to hear you, until your friend explains that all they can understand is fuck off! And I'm a baby give me love!

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