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When Cats Are Just Black Holes: Void Appreciation Tweets

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    Couch - cam @climaxximus ppl w black cats be like "look how cute he is" then show u this 1:52 AM Jul 24, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 3,702 Retweets 808 Quote Tweets 34.1K Likes

    It is a testament to how true this actually is that we actually had to stare at these pictures for a while to figure out wat the heck was wrong with them. It just looks like regular black void cat blobs for the first like- thirty seconds at least. The second we figured it out, we kind of felt called out lol.

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    Cat - John Williams ... @JohnWilliams166 Replying to @climaxximus Okay, but

    What are we looking at here? All we see is a white cat on a white blanket and a black blanket lying right next to it. There is a cat on the black blanket, you say? You lie, we say. There are merely two open eyes and a blob of color. The void is purring, you say. Oh.

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    Brown - hanini ... @nonstopstress Replying to @climaxoximus correct.
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    Cat - Shubble @shelbygraces Replying to @CrankGameplays @climaxximus and @RoyceRemix what do you mean?
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    Automotive tire - Cynda v BLM @TheSmallBlueBoy ... Replying to @climaxximus This is exactly how my friend's cat is in photos. Just a void.
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    Cat - Agos Cianci R. @Agos_Cianci ... Replying to @climaxximus He a king, but sometimes I can't find him
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    Output device - tyler @sadtylerexe ... Replying to @climaxximus but look how cute he is SAMSUNG
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    Textile - Salami Malek ... @NickSeam Replying to @climaxocimus Can confirm.
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    Cat - FAUKKK ... @idowhatiwantmf Replying to @climaxoximus No But look at her!
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    Furniture - liz tilley ... @liztilley6 Replying to @climaxoximus Yes
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    Cat - Kate, Queen of the Squirrels @nubbinsmcgee ... Replying to @climaxximus No, but seriously, look at my cat. He's so cute.
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    Comfort - e cloudosaur 8 @cloudosaur Replying to @climaxximus and @mxmclain It is so hard to take pictures of black cats!! Lol
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    Photograph - Zenna ... @herbivert Replying to @climaxximus Can confirm this is true
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    Cat - Olivia Young ... @DaProf19 Replying to @climaxoximus Yes.

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