I Can Has Cheezburger?

Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute (#157)

  • 1

    "Anyone with a cat please explain how do you say no to this face"


    The answer is "no". There is no way to say no to that face. You must do whatever it is that this face is asking you to do. Food? No problem. Clean the poops from the poop box? Right away, sir. Break into a bank to get this face the funds to take over the world? On it. 

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  • 2

    "My MeerCat, Margot."


    You all would be lying if this is not closer to what you always imagined meercats looking lol. It is always confusing to us why some animals are named after other animals that they have basically nothing to do with. Meercat, spotted-tail cat… copycats everywhere smh. 

  • 3

    "s m o l"

    Hand - Bluecloverrabbitry
  • 4

    "A rare genetic mutation makes this cat half black and half ginger."

    Nose - veNUS
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  • 5

    "Meet Bonner , the bestest therapy dog at Children's Hospital Los Angeles"

    Jeans - PTO Shilcie Children's Hospital LOS'ANGELES We Treat Kids Better
  • 6

    "This is Penny. She would love it if you named your own pets and didn’t outsource the job to Reddit."

  • 7

    "Kitty has achieved nirvana"

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  • 8

    "Dog photobombs waterfall picture"

  • 9

    "There are 4 cats in this picture!"

  • 10

    "Her name is Indira"

    Bengal tiger
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  • 11

    "My GF of 3 years came with a package deal, meet Mesha"

  • 12

    "A pregnant stray, Tabby, jumped up in my lap this morning and cradled herself in my arm like this. She kneaded at my beard while I rubbed her belly until she fell asleep like this."

  • 13

    "He looks so polite!"

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  • 14

    "My fiancée insisted on buying Geordie a tux for our wedding"

    Dog - १ । Geographica SFINE HATH o
  • 15

    "Egg is 21 today! We brought her home from the shelter in December 2000. Since then we were married, moved six times, and raised a teenager."

  • 16

    "The timing was perfect."

    Car - CR-V CB 9016 KT
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  • 17

    "I can't believe she's almost a year old already"

  • 18

    "A kitten sandwiched between 2 fawns."


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